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The long-awaited and anticipated season of ditching our work attire, packing our best holiday outfits and getting out of town is finally here. Second only to the perfect outfit choices and what makes the cut when it comes to the matters of the suitcase is what goes in the travel makeup case. This tiny (and sometimes not so tiny) bag must contain everything we need for a frill-free vacation; everything that has the purpose of protecting and beautifying our skin. In order for there not to be an oversight and for you not to forget a single necessary item, we are here with the ultimate beauty and care tips for any type of vacation, so read carefully, make a checklist, and have a great trip!

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Hot child in the city

A vacation doesn’t necessarily have to entail beach time; some people simply love a change of scenery in the form of another country and a brand new city to explore. If this sounds like you, the makeup case calls for plenty of makeup. Since it’s summer, you can leave the heavy foundation behind and go for something light and nourishing. Also, you will definitely need a touch of bronzer, a bit of highlighter (creamy ones are the best for summertime), a great mascara and a few of your go-to lipstick shades. If you’re the ultimate eyeliner gal, definitely don’t give up on your staple look. As far as cosmetics go, that’s all you need – it’s summer after all, and that calls for a small amount of effective makeup.

However, don’t forget a few great sheet masks, a cleanser, and retinol-based night cream (to regenerate those skin cells and enhance collagen production), quality natural supplements that will make your skin look amazing and keep you healthy! You must pack a great dry shampoo – this little miracle will save you a lot of time that is better spent exploring the city than styling your hair. That’s it! All you need for your urban vacation is right here, so start packing.

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The queen of club Tropicana

Some of us will head to another city, but what most of us crave all year long is the feel of the sand between our toes and the sun on our skin. When planning to indulge in that fun in the sun, sunblock with at least SPF 30 is an absolute must. Vitamin D is great, but protection from pre-cancerous cells is even greater. Just to err on the side of safety, bring the after-beach spray or lotion along and round things up with nourishing body butter for a soft post-beach skin. One thing you can leave at home is the exfoliator – the sand does a wondrous job exfoliating our feet, hands, and body. Nothing removes dead skin cells quite like coarse bits of sand does!

Do bring along a mosquito repellent, as they are known to be ‘lovely’ beach co-visitors you want to keep away from your skin. When on the beach, there is almost no need for the presence of makeup whatsoever. Still, if you feel the need for a touch up before hitting the town in the evening, also go for a tinted moisturizer, again a touch of bronzer and mascara. The one thing in the beauty department you absolutely need is a great tinted lip balm. According to dermatologist David Colbert, rays reflected off sand can scorch lips, which burn faster because they lack melanin. This in turn calls for another round of SPF, but this time in the form of a kissable and delicious tinted balm. Finally, before your mandatory night cream, you need truly great cleansing oil, as oils do the best job at breaking down water-resistant physical sunscreens.

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The nature creature

Finally, the adventure girl, the one who isn’t afraid of tents and everything sleeping under the stars entails. Your kit doesn’t need to be extensive, but it does have to include crucial items. Mosquito repellent is your number one priority, and after that a moisturizer with high SPF. Don’t be fooled, just because you’re not at the beach doesn’t mean you can’t get that crab-red face, and this is certainly not what you want from a vacation. There is a good chance that you won’t have regular access to running water (shower) so the situation calls for plenty of facial and body wet-wipes and a strong deodorant. Of course, camping also calls for a first aid kit. This doesn’t belong in the beauty department, but it’s still worth mentioning.

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