The latest couture collection of the house came by way of blending the rock and roll edginess of the Versace spirit with the medieval design elements from Steven Meisel’s 1988 collection for the fashion house. Just in time for Game of Thrones. Care to play match the couture to the character?

And it was definitely worthy of a GOT show type sourcing for inspiration of high budget costuming, like the metallic bronze scale embroidery on the modernist tailored suit of armor fit for Cersei going into battle.  Or the caped gold sequin and scrolling neckline dress with webbed lace for Khaleesi…. Of course a quick wardrobe change for her into the blue-green scale mini with some major shoulder action going on to take a ride with one of her dragons. Or the bronze and gilded sculpted pleat dress that I can absolutely see Sansa Stark wearing (which happens to include a snake clasp belt created by 3D printing – the novelty of it all). There was even a badass statuesque one-shoulder for Brienne. 

Ok, nerd moment over. We can’t deny the major handcrafting here, and if ever this motif were to have its moment, it’s definitely now. The RTW is fun and edgy, but it’s the couture that Donatella really shows us what she’s made of. The technique, the inventiveness, the design, the creativity. And with the news that after a full year of intense negotiations, things fell through between Versace and Riccardo Tisci, I’m glad to see her remaining artistic director at least for a little while, and the aesthetic and craftwork of the couture collection remaining unchanged for the moment.


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