Karl Lagerfeld is known for his standards of opulence in fabrics and textures, and his latest creations in Fendi‘s Resort 2018 faire explore womanhood with a sense of dynamic complexity. We like comfort and we work out, but we want to look stellar doing it. We want day looks to play around in. We want date night looks.  And Fendi served options. The looks opened with pops of energetic neon in lemon and magenta on maxi checked tailored coats, jackets, a pleat skirt…even a pair of racer striped joggers. And the athleisure moment is weaving its way into the depths of Fendi level decadence with a pseudo-houndstooth. And oh my gosh, the intarsia mink screams 1980’s Atari and I kinda love it.

From there, it was a bit of a Francophile moment in French Baroque robin’s egg florals on a sepia trench, and a similar kimono midi dress. The looks were ultra modern and sleek but feminine, with trendy faire like a structured oversized floral bomber over a black lace tiered skirt, a green lace trapeze dress, a blush car coat with garden green intarsia florals with a kind of 60’s vintage vibe happening. Ever so subtle.


The final set delivered the full femininity with ribbons and pearls over silky floral frocks, weaving their way along belts, handbags, necklines, and indulgent sock boots. A serious covet-worthy showed with a sporty mink bomber with the back embellished with Fendi’s logo in leather.

Another example of Karl Lagerfeld‘s winning strategy of no gimmicks, no major changes in themes. Just telling the story season after season, and letting the clothes evolve in the long-term, with a strong emphasis on absolute luxe. Yes!



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      Thanks love!! And yes, he definitely is! I think he’s trying to make legendary status (and succeeding)!

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