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The fashion industry is always two steps, or better yet seasons ahead of us. The collections for Fall 2017 were presented to us as early as April, so as the Summer slowly transitions into Fall, we already have the skinny on what will be hot in the season to come. The runways are essentially a sneak peek into the future, so by the time it becomes present we already know what to wear and how to play with makeup.

Of course, many of these looks should (and often do) stay only on the runway, as they are far too outrageous and too much for the everyday gal. However, in the sea of experimental geometric strokes and unattainable eyeliner looks, we’re often graced with wearable and achievable looks, so let’s jump right in and see which ones made the cut.

Color outside the lines

When you were in kindergarten, your teacher would often remind you of the importance of ‘staying inside the lines’. Well, that kind of precision (if one had mastered it) did come handy during the previous seasons which were all about defined and outlined lips. Now, you can forget everything you know, and toss aside your lip liners as well, because this season is all about that ‘just kissed lips’.

The emphasis is not on precision but the effect, and while you don’t have to smudge as much as these models, you can go for a more nonchalant approach to the application and achieve the sexy smoldering look that will have people guessing whether you spent the last hour in a lip lock. Also, shades of red, berry and even purple will reign, so make sure to stock up and make a statement.

Leave no color unused


When it comes to eye shadows, you know it and we know it – you buy a palette and end up using only two or three shades. This season, leave no resource untapped, and don’t be afraid of embracing your wild side.

One of the best party looks (because this one is definitely not daytime or workplace-friendly) is the one spotted on Gigi Hadid. It’s a variation of the smoky eye, but instead of keeping things in the gray and black family, don’t be afraid of experimenting and add a touch of red to the center of the lid and a smidge of gold for extra glam.

For this look, turn to a palette such as The Rock Nudes by Maybelline, because this baby has everything you need to get the party started, and this will definitely be the hottest fall party look.


Golden eye

While party look inspirations are always welcome, we’re definitely in need of something a bit more low-key. That is where gold and copper step onto the stage. Use a simple mono shade in your favorite variety of gold and just sweep it across the lid for an effortlessly luminous look.

A gold glittery eye always carries a touch of glamour, while being totally appropriate for any occasion. In addition to that, you’ll be in sync with the colors of Fall and your eyes will have a natural, healthy open look to them.

Back to black


Wherever fashion goes, it always seems to come back to black. Now, there have been some truly outrageous liner looks that you wouldn’t even dream of playing with, but one has managed to step off the runway and onto the streets – and that is the thick cat eye achieved by using only a kohl pencil around both the bottom and lower lashes. A bit edgy and retro at the same time, but actually quite wearable.

The Barbarella look


Chanel never ceases to surprise us, and this year was no exception. One of the absolute best and most inspired looks of this season is by far the Barbarella-inspired look that’s also slightly reminiscent of Twiggy.

All those gals who love all things vintage will definitely be flocking towards this look, and as it isn’t a simple one to achieve, Vogue Arabia was gracious enough to provide us with a masterclass on getting the look, complete with steps and products used, and we simply cannot wait to try it.

No such thing as too much

Over the years we were often told that if you’re accentuating the eyes, you should go easy on the lips and vice versa. Well, if you’re the type of girl who wants to have it all, this Fall you have the runway stamp of approval. Throw caution to the wind and embrace the ‘no such thing as too much’ policy. Accentuate all your features and be bold. 

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