You always have to mentally prepare yourself for the dizzying experience of an Alessandro Michele Gucci runway show.  And if anyone didn’t, they might have passed out from all of the strobing spotlights striking the misty darkness as full 1980’s glitter and glam moments pumped down the runway, before tempering with the likeness of Barb and Nancy from Stranger Things. You know you can’t wait, and this was absolute perfect timing.

The collection was amped up from the elements that have become Gucci house staples – vintage notes, geek chic, busy patterns, and serious shoe action. Sequins were in full effect here as some of the glam pieces were reinvented directly from Elton John’s stage archives.

But there were also some new elements this season – I know, that’s kind of a laugh coming from a someone reviewing a Gucci collection –  like a little bit of English tweed and sweater action with direct overtures to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire at Chatsworth House, with a sweater reading  Never Marry a Mitford. Or the Sega font emblazoned on bags, jackets, track suits – yes there is a crystal studded, multi-colored track suit – that all of the 80’s kids will surely love. And there was some serious Jazzercize action going on here with bodysuits bedazzled in brightly colored flames over tights flecked in crystals, and and braided sweatbands.


But we’re not done. Fanny packs turned into belly packs – interesting timing, and surely the designer competition for the dad bod bag. Michele is pushing forward the speeding train of androgyny with accessories like tie-on crystal beards.  And remember when that certain aunt or grandmother decorated a gaudy sweater and you were forced (or actually liked) to wear it? We all know the major ugly Christmas sweater major comeback, and now Gucci is welcoming the gaudy sweater, and pretty much anything that reads cast of Stranger Things. 


As always, there is an abundance of pieces to choose from in Michele’s maximalist collection focused on 70s-80s retro glam nerdist celebration. That’s the paradox of Gucci – so commercially successful with a ton available, but designed for the individual, the outlier.



  1. nancie chmielewski Reply

    ah Gucci…the last few years has given us so much that is costume and this collection continues that trend. And yet, there are some wearable pieces here. Good to see! I also find that, once my eyes settle in, I can dig out some gems from the over stimulation of the “too-too much.” It will be interesting to see where this house goes. Thanks as ever, for sharing your great writing and insights.

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Yes! I’m finding it so much easier to find the pieces I love when I look closely at the collection. When I step back and see the looks overall, that’s when it gets to be maximalist overload. I like that you’re warming up to his crazy aesthetic by digging in deeper!!

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