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Designers have done an amazing job predicting and dictating fall trends back in February. That gives us an abundance of time to snag some of the styles, personalize them and make them our own. Still, one of the most difficult things to master is adapting runway trends so they fit nice and ooze professionalism in the workplace. Runways are incredibly inspiring, intriguing and inviting, but what they often aren’t is work-friendly. However, with such a large number of perfectly envisioned and executed pieces, one is bound to find at least something that will be pure professional perfection. To that end we’ve created a list of no less than five ideas that are bound to enable you to rock the latest trends like they were made for the office.



The friendliest of them all


When we think of the pattern that is the personification of office-wear the plaid print is probably the first one that comes to mind, and for a good reason. It’s elegant, professional, playful without being silly and has the amazing power to make you look like you blend but also stand out at the same time. This pattern has definitely given all others a run for their money on this year’s runways as designers from Balenciaga to Stella McCartney have shown just how amazing plaid can look. For a look that’s elegant but never dull, go with high-rise pants (like the ones Tome presented), add a simple flowy blouse in one of the shades present on the pants and top things off with a powerful plaid coat in a larger print – and a slightly contrasting color. This won’t break any rules but will make you look fabulous.



Anyone up for promotion?

Photo by Pete Bellis on Unsplash

Red has always been considered a powerful but risky move, but as we have the stamp of approval from Dolce and Gabbana to Fendi, we’re going to go right ahead and rock the head-to-toe red. The absolute best power move is by far a power-suit consisting of a straight-leg pants, a beige blouse and a broad-shoulder blazer just a tad reminiscent of the 80s. Red suede pumps will make for an amazing addition to the power-look. Of course, if you’re truly up for a promotion you need an equally powerful bag to round things up, and if you’re fresh out of inspiration, you’ll find the most amazing bags right here – these are guaranteed to make you look as sharp and ambitious as you are.



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Dare to wear


The floral print has never been in favor with the corporate world, but that was before the blooms became bigger, murkier, bolder. Forget all about the tiny delicate flowers and embrace the sheer boldness of these unapologetically large floral dresses. They exude both power and femininity, and the type of dress that will blend seamlessly into the corporate world is the full-skirt mid-calf dress. The perfect accessory is definitely a pair of stylish and proper ankle boots and a solid tote in the same shade, and you are ready to dazzle. USA


The fashionista’s dream


If you’ve been watching the fall trends closely, you probably couldn’t help but fall in love with the boots that stole the show – the glitter boots. This is one of those items that quickly transcends from indulgent to necessary. Once you have them, you want to wear them everywhere, but the pending issue is – how to reconcile the two worlds – the flashy glitter and the office. The answer is right in front of our noses – simply keep the rest of the outfit polished and subdued. Grey is the color to turn to in these situations and a well-tailored pencil skirt is the perfect cut. A white shirt and a fitted blazer will say I’m a pro and you’ll get to have everything – business on top, party on the feet.


Millennial pink

Photo by Flaunter .com on Unsplash

This hue is completely and utterly irresistible, but we have a tendency to shy away from pastels at the office. Still, there is a way to have it all and it revolves around careful mixing and matching. Go out and get a simple dark-grey turtleneck sweater, you’ll need it. A pair of dark high-rise jeans is next in line, along with a pair of black leather pumps. Where does the pink come in – the coat. Draw inspiration from this gorgeous Phillip Lim to get that soft romantic vibe, and show them how ‘power meets pastels’ is done.

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