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90's fashion trends

A couple of years ago it was the era of the 60’s that made a fashion comeback, probably thanks to the too-cute Zooey Deschanel. Of course now that’s passé, and it’s once again time to pick a new era to go back to. If you’ve seen a photo of Kendall Jenner trying to invite people to go and vote a couple of days prior to the US elections last year, you could clearly feel that 90s vibe. Namely, she was photographed wearing a white crop top and high waisted jeans with the USA flag printed on them, combined with a huge choker around her neck. Since then, sometimes it’s a bit tricky to tell if somebody’s just pulling that 90’s fashion off, or if they time-travelled all the way from the movie Clueless to 2017. Let’s take a look at the most important fashion trends from 2 decades ago that made their way into our closets once again:

Satin & chokers, baby

90's fashion trends chokers

If you walk into any clothes shop you will see that classic satin dresses are back. It doesn’t matter what length they are, or if they are off the shoulder or not – if they have no sleeves, you have to wear them over a regular white t-shirt. If you choose to put a choker on as an accessory, you can be perceived as a fashion guru, since chokers can be combined with practically anything and still look classy. You can also choose among numerous types of them – velvet, plastic, lace, pearl… It’s your choice and the combinations are limitless.

Neon, neon, baby

90's fashion trends neon

Let’s take a classic 90’s sitcom as an example – Saved by the Bell. The things that dominate the most (except Screech and young Mario Lopez) are neon tones that everyone used to wear and accessorize with. Even though that trend died the next decade, neon is here again – and is probably here to stay. Dressing in neon colours from head to toe is not embarrassing anymore, and we’re loving it! Also, pair anything with neon-coloured thigh-high boots and you’re ready to hit the club.

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Tracksuits & heels, baby

90's fashion trends tracksuit and heels

Who would’ve thought that we would be looking at the picture of Sporty Spice from the 90’s in 2017 and saying ’’Wow that’s cool’’? Even though a couple of years ago it was a big no-no, tracksuits combined with heels is huge at the moment. Not convinced? Take a look at Rihanna’s Fenty by Rihanna Puma collection and you’ll see that you can wear a tracksuit with practically anything. Tip: Try unsnapping the buttons on the sides if you want to show your high-heeled boots.

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Goth, goth, baby

90's fashion trends goth

Yes, the goth movement also found its way into the fashion must-haves of today. Long, lingerie inspired dresses are a thing now, and you’ve probably seen some on the red carpet this year (most probably the ones by Louis Vuitton). However, not only did these dresses come back, so did corsets and different accessories such as corset inspired belts. If you choose high waisted jeans, a white t-shirt and put a classic and elegant gothic corset on top, you’ll look like you came straight from the runway. You can also add a nice, gothic choker to complete the look.

Matching styles & printed separates, baby

90's fashion trends matching prints and separates

Matching skirts and blazers, skirts and crop tops, or pants and blazers? YES! Matching separates are very popular right now, and we should definitely follow this fashion tip. Not only do they look excellent, but they automatically boost your classy points. So if you want to attend a very important or formal event – this is the recommendation that you should check out. For a less formal look but just as chic, printed separates are also on major trend right now. If Selena Gomez can do it, then so can you!

Choose to go a bit 90’s in fashion before this trend fades away. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s definitely nostalgic. Give this a shot: Follow these trends and dance to TLC’s ’’Waterfalls’’ – you’ll definitely feel like you’re starring in a 90’s teen movie.

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