It’s now a standing tradition, nay an expectation that you own and wear at least one ugly sweater to an event each holiday season. There are ugly sweater competitions, exchanges, and parties each year. Some poor unfortunate souls have to buy multiples each year. The plus side is that it’s become such a trend that now, they’re actually starting to have some pretty nice designs, taking the ugly a little bit out of the ugly…? Does that even make sense? Maybe it’s the wine talking.

Alas, I’ve rounded up some of the best, non-ugliest ugly holiday sweaters, so enjoy!

Who doesn’t like Prosecco? A re-do from last year, because prosecco, that’s why.






Santa’s Helpers definitely got sexier

Chillin’ with my snoooooowwwmies


Awww…I’d hold the door.

Like a Record Baby…


Bah Hum Pug… Yes you are such a cute little hum pug!

Once for yes and two for no…Stranger Things!

Working on your winter chi

And if all else fails…get



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