Discovering a great beauty brand you never knew existed is like Christmas. You try out one of their products on a whim, and the first time you put it on, the excitement overflows when you realize how much you scored – the quality, the scent, the texture…then several hours later when it’s still going strong. Oh yeah, that was Lipstick Queen for me just a few months ago! Seriously, I know. Apparently I’ve been hiding under a rock as the rest of you have totally been in the know for quite some time now.

So let’s take a look at a few of their products…


The Palette – Lipstick Free
Lipstick Free

One of their current lines is called Nothing But the Nudes, with 3 shades of nude lipsticks. I tried out Nothing but the Truth, and this is SUCH an upgrade from the matte trend. Just in time for the cold weather, a perfect nude edging toward the warmer beige side is just what I needed for the season.

It was rich in both pigment and texture. I was definitely a fan of the finish – a buttery sheen without being too glossy for a deep nude. Lipstick Queen referred to the finish as “vinyl” and I’m definitely seeing that. An upgrade from those drying mattes that were so trendy for a while. This product stayed on for about 3 hours for me, so definitely some staying power.

Nothing But the Truth

I also tried a pretty genius product that I’m so glad Poppy and her Lipstick Queen crew so cunningly thought of. Their silicone invisible lip liner literally seals any fine line on the perimeter of your lip to prevent your lipstick from bleeding (just like any lip liner), and the beauty of it is, you can use it with absolutely any lipstick. Ever.
Steve Madden Canada
No need to buy new lip liners to match your lipsticks. And, if you mess up and have to redraw, it’s completely clear. Nobody will see a thing. I am absolutely in love with this product. At first, I didn’t really see what was so special with it. And then I put it on. And realized the genius of it. Seriously, who thinks of this?!!

By far the most interesting products I tried were the Frog Prince Lip and Cheek duo. And they were green…seriously. Full on emerald no-kidding green makeup. You do not need to adjust your screen. I was….a little intimidated and reticent to try.

Frog Prince Set

But try I did. And the lipstick glided on sheer like a lip gloss, and immediately reacted with the heat and pH of my lips to turn a soft rose. Sorry, no actual green ever showed on my lips! I’m sure those pics would have been very entertaining. The full pigment results were not instant – they took a minute or two to completely build. This lipstick lasted a little longer, about 4 hours.

Frog Prince Lip and Cheek Set

The cheek compact is a cream blush, which I love, and it took very little effort to take just a dab out for each cheek. A little went a long way, especially for my pale complexion. And since I’m so fair skinned, I usually don’t look great in most blushes, but this one was spot on, which was really surprising. I was sure I’d be writing about how it was a swing and a miss. But this one actually worked well for me.
House of Holland
Their final product that I tried was an illuminating lip gloss called Altered Universe in Space Cadet, an icy lilac glow. The gloss is multi-faceted, containing crushed pearls that reflect light in brilliant icy tones. I put the Altered Universe gloss directly over the Frog Prince and the cosmos opened up and shined.

Altered Universe

I’m not usually a sparkles kind of girl, but this is not a sparkles kind of gloss. Don’t let that tube fool you. The gloss added a glowing depth and sleek dimension on top of the satiny rose Frog Prince. Both products by themselves were great on their own – day/night. Both products together were a 10 and could be used day or night. The shimmer is that sophisticated.

Altered Universe in Space Cadet





  1. Been meaning to try Lipstick Queen for a couple of years now (!!) – and still haven’t managed to. I love a natural lip, but cannot easily pull off nudes ’cause of my mediterranean coloring, so this Frog Prince Lipstick has been on the top of my LQ to-buy list. Glad to bump into your review and hear you liked it… Might be the kick up the **** I needed, to finally go ahead and give it a try…

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Girl, I feel your pain with having a complexion that doesn’t go with entire beauty trends! That’s what I loved about Frog Prince. I’ve seen it on a lot of different skin tones and it’s pretty universal.

      But for real, whatever you try from them, come back and tell me what you think about the texture. I swear, whatever they put in there is liquid magic.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I am very interested in the lipstick, Nothing But the Nudes and the invisible lip liner.

  3. Love these lippies, the green is fun and the shades all look great on you!

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