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If you’re planning to renovate your home soon, you’ve probably already looked at some ideas or even consulted a designer. That means you’re aware that current trends in interior design favour natural materials and more modest solutions.

The focus will be on practical, pleasant and functional interior design, which should create a welcoming ambiance without breaking the bank. Instead, we will be trying to maximise the potential of existing elements. So, let’s take a closer look at the most important elements that you should consider when renovating your home.


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As natural materials continue to dominate, we can expect green and brown color shades to be accompanied by scarlet, soft orange or deep yellow colors. The effect those colours provide is one of cosiness and comfort. You also might want to add some details in grey or colour to provide a modern touch. Another option you have is to include white hues, terracotta or dark red to achieve the same effect.

Cozy nooks


Since the trends will focus on coziness, it’s only natural to create small spaces, such as reading nooks, for different tasks that you can enjoy while enjoying peace and quiet. These comfortable spaces will help you relax and recover after a hard day at work or school. Designers suggest furnishing such spaces with items made of natural materials, such as wood, to achieve a much more natural look.

Wood and cork


Small spaces shouldn’t feature dark colors, since they would make them appear even smaller. Therefore, you should opt for light brown tones of natural wood. Still, it doesn’t mean that there’s no space for dark wood. On the contrary, it should be used in more spacious rooms because it provides a touch of luxury.

Cork is also a great option that you can use on walls, cabinet doors and floors. If you manage to include some original lighting ideas in the design, you’ll get even better results in terms of coziness and warmth.


This is another trend that you should definitely follow. To begin with, you should get rid of all the redundant elements, thus creating more space. Next, if you choose clean and geometric designs, with curved angles, you’ll also make the space quite elegant.

Apart from the minimalistic approach, you could also take into account the option of going for a retro-modern design, featuring combinations of metal furniture and wood. This combination provides durability as well as a stylish look.


If you’re serious about renovating your home in 2018, you should definitely consider repairing your existing elements, thus giving them a new look and new life. The trend of making the most of what we have is still going strong and rightfully so. Also, if you need to add an item to your design, first look at some previously used elements that would fit your space perfectly. Not only will be saving money, but you’d also be helping the environment.

Ceramics, metal, and glass

For a really modern design, look no further than terra-cotta tiles, ceramic vases and art. If you wish to have an elegant home, glass and metal elements might be a good choice, as well as glossy tile. Every single item, such as a lighting fixture or a picture frame, can be used to help your home look exclusive and stylish.

Leather and stone


Leather furniture and wall artworks are considered very elegant and stylish, and so is marble, granite, and pebbles. They all provide a natural look to every room and can be accompanied by geometric prints and carved elements to make the design more sophisticated.

Floor covering

Again, the more natural the look, the better. Wooden floors with some stylish floor rugs will make your home look really great, warm and inviting. Just make sure you match the colour of the rug with the flooring to get the desired effect. Forget about wall-to-wall carpets, since they are more difficult to maintain and they are much less stylish.

Faux fur

Since texture can significantly contribute to the feeling of cosiness, faux fur is another option worth considering. You can drape it over a sofa or an ottoman and your room will instantly be turned into a more welcoming and comfortable space. The fact that faux fur has become quite popular means that it’s not difficult to find some great quality product at more affordable prices.

Knobs make great details

With joinery constantly evolving, some personalised touches are making the whole place much more unique and original. Consider using large timber knobs to provide contrasting tactile appeal, for example. You can also paint them any way you like, but make sure you use the right kind of paint.

Final thoughts

It’s relatively easy to follow the current trends in interior design, because the focus is on natural elements, environment protection, as well as on intimacy and originality. This is reflected both in terms of the materials you can use and their design. Naturally, there are certain budget constraints, which are always an obstacle, but you don’t have to renovate the whole house at once, but rather do it in stages.



  1. So glad to hear color and wood are coming back; I’m so tired of white! Its gorgeous but just not practical.

    • luxelookbook Reply

      I’ve never been one for the ultra-modernist white everything. It can get to a point where it’s so sterile, it just doesn’t feel warm or inviting, right?! I tend to agree with you. The natural wood and pops of color are practical…and make me happier!

  2. I love most of these looks. I think it’s fabulous that you can get almost any look you’d like without spending a fortune. It just takes a keen eye when picking up the right piece.

  3. Marilyn Holt Reply

    Great idea’s for ways to freshen up a look. I love the back splash in the kitchen and adding color’s and small details.

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Thanks! And oh the back splash! I’m in love with so many of them. 😂

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