If the Queen of Hearts were drawn in a vintage comic graphic style, but with modern cuts and sumptuous fabrics, you would have the beginnings of the Fendi Pre-Fall 2018 collection. As fetching and opulent as ever with furs and velvet, the collection had an eclectic pop art vibe for the artsy types with graphic heart print motifs.

Checks continue as a trend in this season, with one as a tight pink and white country style motif while another has cool pink and neon green pops against the black background. 3D printing makes an appearance with a visually stirring powder pink and black mesh cutout trench. The technique a kitschy kind of adorable on a scoop neck tea-length number. And the multi-print check shoes just add to the effect.

Shoulders are a focal point of this collection, as seen on quite a few looks with shoulder capelets, cutouts, and off-the-shoulder numbers like the black dress with velvet racer front inlay. Or the royal blue velvet dress with white shirt cuffs and stretch shoulder cutouts.

But the real star here were the all the hearts. Stitched, intarsia fur laden, sequinned, cutout, leather tanned, appliquéd, fringed…you name it, the Fendi couturiers achieved it. A black cutout leather cape is full energy covered in rows of yellow mink hearts. A yellow fringed fur pops in a starburst sun reminiscent of the Spanish Catholic flaming heart against a blue smock coat as well as a matching apron dress with a boldly high center slit. Not for the bashful.

And oh the final look is the showstopper. A glorious blue trimmed fur coat dress, embellished with beaded keyhole hearts. The neckline is a wide V, with folded lapels over top, creating a layered off-the-shoulder look. Stuh-uuuunnnning.

If there were a modern, fresh Rococo-like movement in fashion, Fendi would be the epicenter, and Karl Lagerfeld would be the father of the movement. I’d say I’d like to be your Marie Antoinette, but I already know how that ends.


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