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As we’re approaching the big Eve, the frenzy of finding the perfect outfit for entering the New Year is almost tangible in the air. Fortunately for us, this fashion season was a fruitful one, and with so many wild, daring and delicate options, there is something to everyone’s taste.

So how will you rock the festive holiday spirit in terms of your stunning ensembles? Let’s see what the following weeks have in store for us, and which styles show the most promise for dazzling your party pals and a tip of the hat from the designers themselves!


Velvet galore


‘Tis the season to be classy, and the best way to achieving such an haute couture look is by resorting to the hottest fabric of every fashion show this year – velvet. Subtle, delicate, but exciting, this sumptuous fabric is matte enough to be dubbed elegant, yet shimmering enough to raise some eyebrows.

If Kelly Rowland’s style is anything to go by (and we’d say it sure is), then follow in her footsteps and pick an all-velvet pantsuit in a dreamy color such as this royal blue of her own outfit or a crimson red for the bravest souls. In case you want to start small, a velvet pair of high heels or a sexy velvet choker can both elevate any style in an instant!


High-end street style

We all know that the urban-wear trend has soared in the past few months, and collections by Rihanna and other athleisure-loving designers are only growing in popularity. And if you’re wondering how one could pull off such a look for an upscale occasion, all it takes is a touch of sophistication and striking the perfect balance between rebellious and high-end.

For instance, a detail that is in fact so much more, and that can transform your look effortlessly is your leather jacket. Pair it with the most unexpected long, open-back red dress and a pair of leather boots, and your street-inspired extravagance.


Time to suit up

Well-tailored, fitted and sharp, a pantsuit is this season’s favorite steal for the ladies’ collection. Add to it a touch of velvet we’ve covered above, colorful makeup and a hairdo that screams elegance, and you’ll have a match made in heaven for your holiday gatherings.

Don’t shy away from fun and festive details such as a quirky tie, a bold accent shade or an unexpectedly chunky watch that pairs well with an already man-inspired outfit. You’d be surprised how a simple pair of pants and a jacket become a sensation with a few carefully selected touch-ups!


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Playful patterns

The runway was a whirl of hues, shapes and cuts, all of them more intoxicatingly stunning than the previous one, and all of them dreamed up for the upcoming holidays. Feminine florals, mind-boggling geometry, funky folk forms, this season’s ladies’ fashion is a rich cacophony of imaginative patterns.

They come in pastels, neon shades, color clashes and color blocking schemes, and they are present in every design of dress, shirt, tunic or skirt, you name it, it’s there. Just look at Prabal Gurung’s lush looks and you’ll be inspired to test the boundaries of your own fashion savvy when it comes to picking the right pattern spectrum.


Oh So Glam

It’s brilliant in more ways than one, and it’s one of the most beloved, timeless trends of this season, and we expect it to stay on the very top for years to come. We’re talking glitter and glow, the glamorous ‘80s tendency to put disco balls to shame with their shimmering outfits of silver and gold.

One of the best, slightly subdued ways to flaunt this look is to find a pair of silver boots that have been stealing the spotlight for the past few months, or you can go all out and design a silver pantsuit, or a long glimmering dress to epitomize this jolly, yet sophisticated style.


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