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Time to say goodbye to 2017, and embrace the bright new ingenuity of 2018, together with its soon-to-be prominent beauty ideas that promise to steal the spotlight from the last year’s trends with ease. That means that while you still might love the ombre red lip and the beachy waves, certain top-ranked trends will elevate your look even further.

Let’s delve deeper into the beauty of the upcoming year, and see what the following months have in store for all of us who cannot wait to try out the new glittery eye and test all the metallic shades that are about to make 2018 pop!

Pretty with clean

Succulent, fresh herbs, and ground spices

Yes, “natural” was the buzzword and the main selling point of many a beauty brand in the previous year, but with the fitness frenzy still on the rise, another health-focused trend is about to take its throne. Beauty now aims to be clean, or free of all things that are deemed harmful: from artificial fragrances, synthetic coloring, chemicals or all sorts, toxins and other nasty ingredients, we are now entering the era of beauty based on wellness. No more parabens, silicones, sulfates to infest your skincare routine!

Multi-purpose and minimalistic

Still gripping onto your last year’s selection of serums, moisturizers, separate face, neck and cleavage cleansers? It’s time to finally infuse your beauty with the spirit of minimalism and find those multifunctional products that aim to satisfy several of your needs. How about a lipstick that also nourishes your lips, a shampoo that doubles as a conditioner, or an oil that’s ideal for your face, hands and your entire body?

A smidgen of science, anyone?

Styled stock photo notebook and bag of lotions

Whether you’re merely taking care of your skin as a prevention (think sunscreens, anti-wrinkle products, cleansing lotions to prevent breakouts), or you’re fighting a skin issue such as acne, medicine makes for a brilliant ally in finding the right solution for your skin type. As a result, high-quality cosmeceutical skin care with carefully selected, medically approved ingredients are this year’s favorite way to keep your pores healthy and happy.

Black is back

Cat eye eyeliner

As if it was ever gone, black is finding its way back into the color schemes of 2018, meaning that while neon pink and green will still be summer-friendly options, you can easily go for a full black-attack with your eyeliners, and you’ll be considered a true beauty diva. Plus, doesn’t black go wonderfully with everything crazy colorful you can’t wait to wear?

e.l.f. cosmetics

Get your own glow

Glitter and glow models

Glam has infiltrated almost every designer collection seen on the runways in the past year, and for a good reason – glitter and sparkle will be the one revival trend that intends to stay prominent all-year-long. Whether in the form of a glimmering lipstick, some sparkle on your eyelids, or highlighter all over your cheeks, this will be the year of fabulous glam.


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Decorate your mane

Flower crowns and hair ribbons

Even when you’d just go for the beloved urban look of a puffer mixed with ripped jeans and an oversized tee, 2018 will be a year of embellishment diversity, so you’ll be able to accessorize your pretty locks instead of packing on makeup. And worry not, our short-haired lovelies, because golden pinks, silk wraps and floral add-ons can work for locks of all lengths!

All eyes on lashes

Brunette model with fur jacket

Forget about your eyebrows (just kidding, please don’t), because it will all about the lashes for the foreseeable future. It seems that the best way to emphasize your stunning gaze is not just to put on a glitzy eye shadow or that coal black eyeliner, but to focus solely on the thickness and volume of your beautiful eye-curls. But instead of your classic extensions and daily mascara application (which are still both viable options), tinting that lasts for weeks will be the following season’s best bet.

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