For the February InStyle cover feature, Drew Barrymore has recreated some of her most iconic childhood looks in perhaps one of the most interesting celebrity shoot I’ve seen a fashion mag run. The American viewers have come to love Barrymore since her childhood E.T. days to her latest Santa Clarita Diet, as a genuine optimist who walks to the beat of her own drum.

Drew Barrymore on cover of InStyle Magazine
Anthony Maule

Dress: Celine

With a penchant for vintage, Drew says she’s drawn to the romantic draping of 20’s, 40’s, and 70’s, even creating her own fashion line around the romantic movement of those eras. But when it comes to her films and TV shows, it’s not a simple romance story and happy endings she’s looking for, and I think that’s why so many of us are drawn to her. She always has a brightness, but there’s a complexity and a realness to her outlook at the same time.

“I’m very conscious about the way people feel,” Barrymore says of how she looks at her growing empire. “When I was making movies, I just didn’t want to tell a depressing story; I wanted to tell one about some type of self-improvement. I thought, ‘There’s enough shit in life. I want optimism and joy.’ At the same time, I don’t like magic-wand happy endings.”

Drew Barrymore on cover of InStyle Magazine in pink hat
Anthony Maule

Sweater: Michael Kors Collection

And for the cover shoot, she’s not just wearing simple clothes, either. She’s telling the story of her childhood. Emancipated at 14, working in an industry that tends to gobble you up and spit you out if you aren’t driven and ready to work long hours and in sometimes bizarre conditions. Barrymore was exposed early to things many of us would be horrified if we imagined our kids, or nieces and nephews were exposed to at such a young age. But somehow, she came out of all of that well-adjusted, an optimist, a loving mother, a success in every sense of the word. I’m not so sure what the odds of that happening are. But I’d say she beat them.

Drew Barrymore as a child in pink tier dress with white fur stole and her mother; Drew Barrymore as an adult in InStyle Magazine in pink and yellow tier tulle dress with white stole
Left: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images; Right: Anthony Maule

Dress: Carolina Herrera // Stole: House of Fluff // Shoes: Gianvito Rossi

The looks chosen are absolutely adorable – playful and a major flashback to the 1980’s. She looks fantastic in the black Celine dress on the cover. And all of the looks are toned down with the makeup to show her natural beauty. But the Chanel look is absolutely killing it from the 1983 Mother-Daughter fashion show. And little Barrymore looked super cute back then too. Adorable!


Bodysuit: Alix // Jewelry: Chanel

See the full interview with InStyle here. 



  1. Cynthia Stacey Reply

    Drew Barrymore is stunning but she has had to fight through it though. I am proud of the person she has become.

  2. Christina A. Reply

    Aww…that looks fun! I love Drew Barrymore–really stunning lady!

  3. I’ve always liked Drew Barrymore. Since reading her books, Little Girl Lost and Wildflower, I’m an even bigger fan. She’s beautiful, kind and down to earth. A girl’s girl. Now my girls are also fans since watching E.T.

  4. Marilyn Holt Reply

    I adore Drew. She’s always a bit different but at the same time, she’s a breath of refreshing air. Go Drew!

    • luxelookbook Reply

      She has some seriously great acting under her belt! Thanks Lisa!

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