In their latest cover shoot Vogue Spain paired together Victoria Beckham with Boo George, a relative new-comer in the fashion photography world who’s made quite a stir in the industry already. Consider him the it-guy right now, having shot for Louis Vuitton, Barneys, Emanuel Ungaro, H&M, Vanity Fair, Ralph Lauren, and more. His photography has been described as a “special combination of raw, real, and a bit edgy while still very polished”. – Caroline Wolff, Photography Director of W Magazine

Victoria Beckham in red dress and sparkly green pumps in February 2018 cover shoot for Vogue Spain by Boo George
Boo George – Vogue Spain

And the Victoria Beckham shoot is absolutely a reflection of this. It’s way beyond the basic clothing and accessory showcase editorial shoot. Don’t get me wrong – those can be impressive. But Boo George’s partnership with Vogue Spain? The set creation, the color temperature, the drama, the minimalism, the edge all captivate. Even more interesting, barely any clothes are shown, bucking the usual expectation of editors to load in a certain amount of merch for advertising.

Victoria Beckham in nude bodysuit for Vogue Spain February 2018 cover shoot by Boo George
Boo George – Vogue Spain

Buxom Cosmetics

Left: Valentino // Right: Alberta Ferretti

While in Madrid for a Vogue Spain dinner to celebrate the cover, Beckham reminded us why she’s become a fashion power house. She wore one of her creations, a form-fitting mock neck navy sweater and a crimson skirt embellished with a peppy minimalist Hawaiian style white print, flowing down to the calves. She finished the look with a pair of burgundy boots and a black box bag. Loving this look on her.

Victoria Beckham in Madrid Spain blue sweater red printed skirt

Sweater: Victoria Beckham // Skirt: Victoria Beckham // Boots: Victoria Beckham // Bag: Victoria Beckham // Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham


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