Where have all the stars gone? They’re all at fashion week (month). Or at least most of them. From Emma Roberts and Keira Knightley to Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts, these celebs came for an up close and personal view of the sartorial concoctions of their favorite designers.

But the real story is what they’re wearing. Some of them were barely unrecognizable. And you can actually shop some of the looks…or at least see the crazy price tags and try not to cry.

  • Blake Liveley in red rain trench coat with heart pump heels at Michael Kors runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
    Blake Lively at Michael Kors


Dakota Fanning ~ Dress: Oscar de la Renta // Jacket: Oscar de la Renta

Dakota Fanning in gold seqin dress and yellow jacket at Oscar de la Renta runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Dakota Fanning at Oscar de la Renta


Hailey Baldwin ~ Top: Tom Ford // Jacket: Tom Ford // Shorts: Tom Ford // Shoes: Tom Ford

Hailey Baldwin in metallic silver top, pink jacket, and pink shorts at at Tom Ford runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Hailey Baldwin at Tom Ford


Laura Dern ~ Sweater: Calvin Klein // Skirt: Calvin Klein // Coat: Calvin Klein

Laura Dern at Calvin Klein


Paris Hilton ~ Dress: Alice & Olivia — Nicky Hilton Rothschild ~ Jacket: Alice & Olivia // Skirt: Alice & Olivia

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild in floral dress and rainbow pleat skirt at Alice and Olivia runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Paris and Nicky Hilton at Alice and Olivia


Olivia Palermo ~ Dress: Valentino

Olivia Palermo in red Valentino dress at Preen runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Olivia Palermo at Preen


Sienna Miller ~ Dress: Tory Burch

Sienna Miller in orange dress and white jacket at Tory Burchrunway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Sienna Miller at Tory Burch

Christina Ricci ~ Dress: Marc Jacobs

Christina Ricci in red and burgundy geometric circle dress at Marc Jacobs runway show Fall 2018 Fashion Week
Christina Ricci at Marc Jacobs





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