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If you’re an outdoorsy person who loves nature and all things green, then you mustn’t neglect your own garden space. Instead, take a look at these beautiful gardening trends for 2018, see what’s new and try some of them in your own backyard.

Small but stylish

Properties are super expensive today and every square inch of space counts. That’s why people end up with gardens that are small and boxed in. However, even the smallest of spaces can look attractive and functional. So, think double-duty furniture, built-in features and smaller gardening elements. For instance, you can build a fire pit that can also serve as a planter or water collector. Make sure the pit has wider edges, so it can also be used as extra seating space. This way you can change the look of your garden and always have a stylish design. Additionally, invest in furniture with built-in storage to prevent clutter and don’t overwhelm the space with too much greenery. Let your garden breathe.


True al fresco dining

Dining al fresco - outdoor backyard grill with table and chairs under pergola in yard with plants

Usually, people have been setting up their outdoor dining spaces just off the house, as near to the kitchen as possible. However, if you want to experience a true al fresco dining, you might want to push your dining space further into the garden. You might need to carry your plate further, but you’ll receive a more immersive experience that will totally be worth all the trouble.

Embracing craftsmanship

Outdoor grill, pergola, and dining table

Did you know that there are still people who make things by hand and are true artists in their field? OK, really some people actually   forget that craftsmanship still exists thanks to all that mass-production and cheap ready-made products! If you want to have something completely unique in your garden, the only way you can get it is from an experienced artisan.


Invite nature into your garden

White butterflies on pink flowers

Bees and butterflies are slowly disappearing, and it’s time to do everything in our power to bring them back. The biggest habitat loss occurs in urban and suburban areas where there is not much room fit for local wildlife. But there are super easy ways to boost the population of birds, butterflies, bees, frogs and even turtles in your garden. You can plant seed- and berry-bearing plants that provide food for animals and curb using harmful pesticides you may have been unaware were causing the problem. You can also build feeders and imitate natural habitat of many species instead of turning your garden into a lawn.  So not only will you be helping to bring these beautiful creatures back into our life cycle, but you will also be making your outdoor space much more enjoyable!

Marks and Spencers - US

Embrace natural fences

Natural fence hedge privacy wall

Yes, fences are practical. They keep pets in and uninvited visitors out, but they are sometimes not very attractive. However, this new trend of enclosing gardens with lush greenery and strategic planting are much more attractive ways to ensure privacy and restrict your yard.


Stylish shelter

Outdoor backyard shade sail brick house patio

If you want to use your garden even when the weather is less than ideal, you must provide some protection from the elements. Most people still opt for pergolas or gazebos, but there are other options you can try in your garden. For instance, you can invest in some stylish shade sails that will provide you with all the rain and sun protection you need. Thanks to their small frame, they take up very little space and are perfect for gardens of any size. Plus, shade sails come in different colors and shapes, so they fit into every garden style with ease.


Zen out in your garden

Meditation zen garden rock stack

Since we work longer and harder every year, all we need is to Zen out when we come home. That’s why Zen and meditation gardens are becoming more and more sought after. Cute succulents, smooth stones and private seating areas all create a feeling of safety, relaxation and peace. You don’t need anything special to boost your Zen, just a simple bench from where you can look at your greenery and reflect.


Invest in water features

Rose carved bronze water fountain

Water features are still going strong, and they really transform your experience within the space. Listening and looking at water can be the perfect relaxing and cathartic escape. Water elements are also a great addition to Zen and meditation gardens. Reflecting pools are becoming quite a hit that allows you to get lost in its reflection.


So, grab your gardening tools and get creative. Soon, you’ll have a space that’s stylish, relaxing and beautiful, perfect for peaceful al fresco dinners, lazy evenings with a glass of wine and early sunny mornings with coffee.


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