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Raf Simons has now finished his third collection at Calvin Klein, marking one year with the design house. And you could confidently say that he has transformed the brand. His bold, energetic perspective can’t help but permeate throughout every corner. And this season was quite a show, taking up residence in the American Stock Exchange building with truckloads of popcorn – enough to have to wade through – filling the space. This was only the beginning of a heady experience meant to, I can only imagine, put everyone on tilt and ponder an apocalyptic future. The show opened with several orange firemen’s jackets and jumpsuits over plaid with rubber hazmat boots and hand-knit balaclavas that gave less safety, more crafty vibes. Silver foiled gloves protect hands and arms. Simons always has much to say, and is this his view of where America is headed? Safety and HAZMAT suits required over our clothes, wading through all the refuse of our own unnecessary creation because we refused to do anything about it? We were too busy entertaining ourselves, too captivated with our faces smooshed into our smart phones, checking out viral videos and social media. That’s all a guess, I literally have no idea where Raf Simons is going with this.
From there, it went into a social commentary on the wide and rather odd melting pot we have in these United States, and how they don’t seem to mix together. It came by way of the unsullied prairie dress of sister wives meets the underboob-, sideboob- , and all out total boob- showing sex-object ethos of the Kardashians. You can’t make this up.
There was an interlude of fantastic, dare I say more hopeful western shirting in cool tones with relaxed semi high-waist trousers in similar hues. Coats were oversized and boxy. Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner sweaters were playful, while silver foiled aprons, jackets, hoods, and dresses were more ominous. But the women didn’t seem to worried – they carried paper bags of popcorn. Let’s just go watch a movie and worry about all this later!



  1. Nancie Chmielewski Reply

    These are rather awful in my estimation. Perhaps, if the styling is stripped down, there may be something of value left. I know that is harsh to say, but I expect better from this house.

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