A beach-side getaway is pretty much the fantasy occupying my thoughts from about Thanksgiving everyday through eehhh, about St. Patrick’s Day – give or take. Never fails, every single year no matter how much I fight it and try to embrace the best parts of Fall.  I enjoy the cozy fires, snuggly layers, and extra hot lattes for about 3 days before I start getting the itch. Then I want to trade in the biting cold darkness for some warm sunny glow, a comfy cabana, the soothing sound of rolling saltwater waves, an iced cold coco loco in my hand (my new favorite vacay drink – the cinnamon is a must), and this girl is in HEAVEN. Side note – how did I not know about coco locos until now???

Luxe in white mesh crochet cover up in canopy - Punta Cana, Dominican Republic



On my latest trip to the Dominican Republic, it was all swimwear and cover ups, all. day. long. Now that’s the kind of traveling everybody needs once in a while. Exploring and discovering is new places and cities is amazing, but sometimes, I just need a retreat to unwind, relax, and restore.

Luxe in teal green fringe floral swimwear cover up over black and white plunge one piece swimsuit in teak cabana bench bed at Punta Cana Dominican Republic

Cover Up: Yolana // Swim Suit: Athena // Sunglasses: Missguided (similar)

Giuseppe Zanotti Design UK
Luxe in white mesh crochet cover up over white and black plunge swimsuit over red bridge and pool with palm trees in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Cover Up: Jeasona // Swim Suit: Athena // Sunglasses: Sam Edelman

And I seriously needed this. I was pushing past my limits on a daily basis, grinding it out. Sometimes you just have to do that to get the job done. But this felt so good, just to lounge in the sun, and reconnect, not just with my family, but with myself. Just to literally get up early in the morning as the sun was first rising and the world was so peaceful, and just wade out into the crystal blue water, feel that sun on my face and just float.

Luxe in teal green fringe floral swimwear cover up at Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool

I pretty much went between that and the cabana all day. Of course meals were peppered in there, and eventually I peeled myself away from this existence to actually participate in the vacation with the group…but this was much needed!

Luxe in sunglasses and white crochet mesh swimwear cover up at Punta Cana Dominican Republic Pool

And seriously, this was exactly what I needed. There are some big changes coming up in my life, and it’s time for some reflection, and some inspiration. Before the motivation can set back in, things needed to calm down and recenter, and oh my gosh, what a BLESSING FOR REAL that I was surrounded by this gorgeous place! I returned all zenned out, refreshed, and ready to face the world again.

Poolside canopy covered cabana bed in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Stay tuned for a future post of the resort, which was definitely an experience!


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