When I received the latest Lipstick Queen set in the mail, I was kind of like a little kid at Christmas. I always try to be as fair as possible when reviewing so I give honest *but fair* feedback. But there is a very small list of companies that I absolutely love because of the formulas, colors, or finish. LQ has all of that, and they’ve quickly become one of my almost daily favorites.

If you’re searching for products that load up on more natural ingredients, then LQ is a great brand to try out. If you take a peek at their ingredients list for their products, you’ll find the first few ingredients they use are veggie & soybean oils, pomegranate sterols, and beeswax.

Their lipsticks also have Vitamin E and shea butter, which I love because – especially in the winter – I get chapped lips all the time. So this is one of the only lipsticks that I have found that I can use without having to constantly use heavy duty lip balm or chapstick in between applications. It always leaves my lips hydrated and soft. If you compare this to the big box brands, you can see the other brands have a lot of synthetic ingredients.

So their latest collection is called ‘The Dating Game’, and it’s a set of four flirty shades of pink. And of course, they have equally flirty names like Mr. Right Now and Bad Boy. I love the sass almost as much as the lip colors. I’m usually a difficult tone to match with my fair skin and cool undertones, so it can be a challenge to find a great lip color for me.

Pinks are great, and pretty much universal. I mean, even the fuchsia with a little coral tone to it looks good on me, and that’s a feat.

Against My Fair Cool Skin Tone

Against Little Luxe’s Olive Skin Tone

So let’s get to how they performed on an actual face. Here’s me with bare lips.

Headshot brunette with blue eyes and natural makeup

Good Catch

The first lip color I tried called ‘Good Catch‘ is this soft blush tone that had a subtle icy, light pink undertone to it that I loved. I think out of all of them, this was my favorite for an everyday look. This is perfect for if you want to go for the makeup without-looking-like-your-wearing-makeup look.

Headshot brunette with blue eyes and pink lipstick

Mr. Right Now

This one is definitely a bit sexier and the bold magenta just pops against your skin. It went on creamy, and I loved the depth of color as I layered it. I’m usually someone that shies away from bolder hues (even in pinks!) because of my skin tone, but I actually got a few compliments out of this one! And did you notice my lips look bigger with this one?!

Headshot brunette with blue eyes and pink lipstick

Bad Boy

Here’s another fun one with a fuchsia tone. While Mr. Right Now had a deep, dark, sexy vibe going on, this one is a bit more fun and energetic. I loved this one, because it was dynamic and changed just a bit depending on how the light hit it. LOVE.

Mr. Right

The final color of the collection is another rosy tone, but this one is a little warmer than Good Catch if your looking for just a little more pop. This one is the universal rose that will probably look best against a lot of skin tones.

Pretty sure I’m going to have a hard time just dating one of these guys, and I’m glad they sent them to me because it pushed me out of my comfort zone with super pretty results. What do you think – who would you date?!


Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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