Fresh faced model and Instagirl Kendall Jenner recently shot a short film with Vogue for their latest feature on Kendall titled “i, kendall” on a fictional morning in her life.  (A follow up to “i, tonya”?) And a day in her life expectedly includes stays in penthouse suites of dreamy luxe hotels like The Mark in New York City, where she shot this film. Um, yes please. Can we have your life? I had the opportunity to visit The Mark Flower Cart, and I pretty much fell in love with the place. It’s steps away from beautiful Central Park, and the big thing for me is the bold yet romantic charm of the place.

The nostalgic old world allure and comfort is still there in the guest rooms. But there are also fresh avant garde pops of design in the main spaces including sculptural lighting and furniture, black and white striped floors and awnings, and occasionally the major moment like cow print sofas. And where those elements combine is perfection, like the pedicabs, which really just make the experience. Ok, I’m gushing and I’m off topic. Let’s get back to business…

Vogue’s film was on a fictional morning in the life of Kendall as well as her ever-so “deep” inner thoughts. The 3-minute short showed the 22-year old it-girl behind closed doors, doing all the things the rest of us do. Not just the morning tasks, but also the inner thoughts and worries.

See the full video here

After going high drama with their cover shoot, Vogue pared back the layers, literally taking away almost all fashion and accessories to show just Kendall as a normal human being like the rest of us. That behind all that makeup, fashion, glamour…behind all the lights and media is just a girl like you and me who is vulnerable, tired, a goof, and a bit of a rebel. All that other stuff is just a facade.

Kendall’s execution is, well…ok? But the idea is pretty stellar. Get it Vogue, I’m impressed.




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