The Story of Mandy Right Before This Is Us

You know, there’s one thing that’s been striking to me since This is Us really took off. I mean took off to the point where masses of people were posting about crockpots breaking their hearts, and you couldn’t go anywhere on a Wednesday without hearing people earnestly discussing the family crises. I could go on about how incredibly written the show is, but can we talk about the transformation of Mandy Moore? The transformation has been riveting.

Her Career Had Stalled

By 2015, Mandy Moore‘s career was in a total slump. No music, no movies… and no producers were calling. She was divorcing her husband, and while Mandy said that break up needed to happen, it was the downfall of her career that was soul crushing. Mandy was reportedly in the pilot process for two years in Hollywood without success, and there were rumors that no one would hire her.

She Almost Walked Away

At this point, she was really questioning her career in acting. She started seeing someone new (a musician) who sparked her creativity once again, and she was thinking about re-starting her music career. But seriously, she had to be feeling low, and starting from zero after such a big fall had to be depressing.

But “This Is Us” Came Along

But along came the pilot for “This is Us”, and Moore said as soon as she read it, she knew that this was it. She was hired and reunited with Dan Fogelman, the creator of the show who also wrote Disney’s 2010 animated film “Tangled”. And very quickly into its first season in 2016, the show garnered dedicated followers, suddenly kicking Mandy’s career back into the gear.

Her style game? Uh…she was working on it. She looked a little wary of all of this newfound success.

And the Success Rolled In

But the success kept coming. She was being booked on late night TV, getting magazine interviews, and has been nominated for a host of awards in 2017 including a Golden Globe, MTV Movie & TV, and SAG. Moore won the 2018 SAG award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series along with her cast mates. Coming from a point where she was ready to walk away from Hollywood and give up, the woman is riding high!
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And She Looks Totally Transformed

And you can see the transformation in her. Yes, she *obviously* has a great stylist now, so her outfits are so much better than before. Oh, and she’s actually back on the red carpet. But it goes beyond that. She also carries her joy all over her face more often. I don’t think I’ve seen her smile like this on the red carpet before. It doesn’t look like she’s taking this for granted the second time around. That’s something that can only come with life experience, loss, hard work, really having to fight for something.

Whatever happened to Mandy Moore to bring her to this point, I think it was meant to happen. Her talent is far beyond what it was before. Her dedication seems incomparable. The actress has also put it out there that she wants to start back up in music as well in 2018. So she may be getting the best of both worlds. Get it, girl.



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