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How to Improve Your Home Organization by Decluttering

With more and more people having no time to keep their homes tidy and organized, the number of cluttered homes has been rising constantly. It makes no difference if the excuse for failing to get rid of unnecessary stuff is the lack of time or the unwillingness to remove something from your home, because the result is the same: an untidy and a potentially unhealthy living environment. And nobody wants that embarrassing moment!

Regardless of how much you try to keep your home clean, if you don’t get rid of redundant objects in your home, you won’t achieve your goal and your home will never look as nice as it could. So, if you are among those who have problems organizing their home, take a look at the following tips, which should help you finally have the home you deserve!

Establish a method

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Instead of moving around your home decluttering every room at the same time, focus on a particular area, or even a single room.  Don’t move onto the next one until you’re completely done with that one area. Naturally, there’s a difference between decluttering your tiny bathroom and decluttering a larger room with a ton of stuff like your bedroom, but you really need to break down your home into segments and tackle them separately. Trust me, it’s worth it. 

The bathroom is the place to start

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Speaking of the bathroom, it really is the best place to hit first! Usually the smallest room in the house, the bathroom is the ideal place to start decluttering, since it will be the easiest and hopefully fastest to organize. Plus being the smallest room in the house, if the bathroom is cluttered it makes this small space more difficult to use appropriately.  An organized and decluttered bathroom will allow you to get ready quickly and efficiently, starting your morning off right. And another little benefit we don’t often think of is that your medicine cabinet will be better organized and you’ll clearly see all those expiration dates.

The bedroom

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You may think the bedroom is the easiest to clean, but don’t forget there are many personal items apart from clothes that need to be taken care of. Many people leave objects in their bedroom they don’t want in their living room or public spaces, which can make this room feel unattractive and anything but a peaceful retreat. You can’t have a clean bedroom unless you pay attention to the bed area, wardrobes, night tables and desks equally. The problem is even bigger if your working desk is in the bedroom, since it’s likely to create additional mess. So, leave no stone unturned when it comes to decluttering your bedroom. 

Tip: If it’s a real mess, section off your bedroom just like we’re recommending with the rest of your home. This method will help you get it done easier and faster, allowing you to focus on how you’d like to organize each area little by little. This way, it’s not overwhelming. You got this!

Closets and Wardrobes

Wardrobe custom closet in white with bright clothes, shirts, dresses and shoes against pink, salmon, orange wall in interior design home decor

They are often the biggest problem, since they keep so many clothes we don’t actually need anymore. If you want your closet to be organized, you first need to decide what items of clothing you’re going to keep. I know. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s going to be okay! Everything you’ll never need or wear again should be either donated to someone or sold, but it must not keep its place in your wardrobe. Just let it go, girl. The stuff you might need periodically, such as winter jackets, skiing gloves and Halloween costumes can be packed and stored somewhere else, such as in this efficient Smartbox in the U.S., or Brisbane storage facility in Australia, from where you can always take it back when you need it. Or you can always use these space saver bags to keep the seasonal items in your own home. 

The entryway

Having a nice and inviting entryway is important because it’s the first impression people have of your home, and therefore by proxy, you. And it’s keeping this area nice and clean is necessary not only for the aesthetics, but also because a cluttered mudroom or entryway is also a potential safety hazard. It’s easy to trip over and fall if you have to navigate through many unnecessary objects. And how often are you carrying things when you’re coming in where you may not see any clutter traps set out in front of you? So keep that area clean and safe. If you have a table where you drop your keys, make sure it’s not cluttered with junk mail and bills, and this will not only ensure a clean space, but will also ensure you are on top of the mail instead of allowing it to pile up. Also, organize your mail by separating bills from the rest of the mail you receive. Finally, remind everyone in the family that this is not the place where they have to display all their shoes and boots if you want to have a clean and organized space. I know so many of us are guilty of that! If you stay on top of it, This space will really make a world of difference in how your friends and neighbors see your space. 

You see, it’s not that difficult to declutter your home and help it become much better organized and more attractive. All you have to do is make a plan and stick to it. Plan your decluttering timetable according to how much time you have and make sure you don’t give up halfway through. Having a clutter-free home will not only help you live in a more pleasant environment, but it will also have a positive effect on your state of mind. So, if that’s what you’re aiming for, roll up your sleeves and get down to it!


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