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The Ultimate Guide to Smart PackingFlat lay on desk with travel passport, eye glasses, camera, watch, map, vinyl music record, tram trolley car, and tower telescope

Ah, what to pack, what to pack? Functionality and comfort that will make you feel boring, or stylish glam that you know you’ll regret when it ends up being impractical? Well, you don’t actually have to choose. Rather than finding a way to pack light, it’s much better to find a way to simply pack clever – you’ll end up with good, versatile wardrobe options for your trip and no stress about whether you’ll have everything you need. Want some tips on how to accomplish this? We’ve got them right here.


Pick a color schemeFlat lay on gray wooden table with blue, white, and brown knit blanket scarf, travel diary notebook, and books

This is optional, but it sure helps a ton because it prevents the problem of having too many mismatched garments that only work when put together very specifically. Whether you go for a monochrome black and white look, some version of neutrals, or colorful beachy patterns is up to you, but do keep versatility in mind. Practical pieces such as a black skirt, or a pair of denim shorts that can be worn with anything are encouraged.


Pack in advanceSuitcase on light tile floor with clothing sweater, jeans, makeup, lipstick, moisturizer, camera, baby wipes, shoes, sandals, notebook, floppy wide brim hat, with green palm leaves, beach getaway

Pack at least two days before you have to head out, because packing in hurry and panic only leads to forgetfulness. Besides, packing in advance lets you really examine your choices and fill in any gaps that you might have missed. You should also start putting together a packing list a week or two before the trip and then expand it as you remember more things. Once you’re done with the list, pack everything that’s on it and see whether the plan is viable. If not, start cutting down.


Forget the heels

Flat lay with black and grey tennis shoes, palm leaves, black leather tote bag, orange, red, and blue scarf, sunglasses, and lipstick for travel vacation

Stuff like comfy three-inch wedges are okay, but all your stilettos and pumps should probably stay at home. Heels take up a lot of space in a suitcase, they’re uncomfortable to walk in, and unless you plan to spend your vacation sitting down, they won’t really be useful to you. A stylish pair of ballet flats is a great, chic choice, and so are loafers, Oxfords, and flip-flops for the beach.


Layers over big garmentsBrunette woman with tan felt coat, brown felt hat, and blue tanned leather suede blue crossbody bag purse

Occasionally, more is actually less. Rather than packing one big woolen sweater “just in case it gets cold,” it’s actually much better to pack light layers because a) they take up a lot less space, and b) they give you more versatility. Tees and denim jackets are great for traveling, and light kaftan tops work really well both as a beach cover-up, and as something stylish to wear with your jeans in the evening. This also allows you the freedom to mix and match these layers and have a different outfit every day.


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Wrinkle-free fabricsBrunette woman with curly hair and blue sunglasses wearing a floral shirt standing in front of palm trees and blue sky with clouds

Unless you plan to iron, it’s very important how you pack for maximum space and minimum wrinkles. We suggest simply avoiding garments that wrinkle up easily, and using the old roll up hack that will let you bring more things without having to carry more bags. If you really want to bring a shirt or a dress that does wrinkle, we recommend putting it up on a coat hanger, then in a dry cleaning bag, and then folding it in half and putting it on top of all your other garments in the suitcase. Take it out as soon as you’re in your hotel and hang it up. You could also hang it up in the bathroom as you take a hot shower to let the steam smooth out the wrinkles.

A sock-and-underwear hack

Shoes take up the most space in a suitcase, so why not make them a little more useful? Roll up your socks and underwear and stuff them inside the shoes to save room for other things.


Accessories for versatilityWoman wearing striped white shirt and light denim jeans carrying black book titled mission and white and tan leather satchel purse bag

Accessories are usually light and easier to pack than full-on outfits, so you can use them to style the same outfit differently each day.


Take one thing out

Like Coco Chanel once said, “Before you leave the house, look into the mirror and take one thing off.” Applying this logic to your suitcase can be very beneficial, especially because you already know that some of the things you put in there probably won’t be all that useful. Look over your suitcase, and you’ll know which pieces made you hesitate when you were packing them. Now take them out.


And there you go. The last thing you don’t want to forget is your signature makeup – that perfect nude lipstick that makes your face look fresh will really come in handy when you’re getting off the plan. Now pack up and enjoy your trip!

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