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Top 6 Things to Do & Places to Go in Australia

Despite the fact that the vast majority of Australia is largely un-populated, it is a remarkable continent,
full of things to do and places to go. From coral reefs and rainforests to red deserts and densely
populated urban areas, Australia is home to a variety of interesting species – it is a land of contrast and
beauty. We hope that you’re going to enjoy our list of top 6 things to get into and go to in Australia.

1. Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House unique architecture against dark sky with moon in Australia
At the very top of the list is the first location that comes to mind when you think about Australia. Based
in the country’s largest city of Sydney, the marvellous piece of architecture that is the Sydney Opera
House is surrounded by water on three sides, with the Royal Botanic Gardens just a little bit to the
south. Although the construction was tainted by many technical and financing problems, it was finally
brought to an end in 1973, costing a whopping ten times the initial budget! Here you can enjoy
performances, eat at the restaurants or simply take a tour that features studios, theatres, a cinema,
exhibition rooms and of course, the concert hall.

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour bridge over water lit up in blue
The second most famous tourist attraction of Australia’s largest city is the Sydney Harbour Bridge that
still holds the title of the world’s largest steel arch bridge. At 134m above the harbor, this piece of
architecture spans 500 meters and connects the central business district with Sydney’s North Shore. The
Sydney Harbour Bridge features two railway lines, eight road traffic lanes and a pedestrian path. There is
a guided ascent to the top of the bridge that will have you enjoy wonderful views.

3. Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach with blue green ocean water and waves crashing into sands with people sunbathing under blue sky
If surf, bronze sand and clear water make you feel at home, the Bondi Beach is here to deliver. This
pristine beach is only a 15-minute car ride away from downtown Sydney and it is arguably the most
beautiful beach in all of Australia. There are a lot of shops, cafés and restaurants in the proximity, so
don’t expect to get bored here.

4. Museum of Australian Democracy

Museum of Australian Democracy white official government building under blue sky with clouds
We’d be amiss if we didn’t feature at least one awesome location in Australia’s capital. If you are staying
in Sydney, dedicate a day for visiting Canberra and take a 4-5 hour bus ride to enjoy many gorgeous sites
such as the Museum of Australian Democracy, located at the base of Capital Hill, at the Old Parliament
House. Have a trusted company organize you a bus from Canberra to Sydney right to the last detail and
eliminate all the stress that’s typically associated with coach and bus rides.

5. Kakadu National Park

Natural rock quarry canyon with green trees and foliage and lake in Kakadu National Park Australia

If you’re down with exploring nature, the Kakadu National Park, located in the Top End of the Northern
Territory, should be your go-to place. Australia’s largest national park (second largest in the world), Kakuda
features everything from mangrove swamps and monsoon rainforests, to rivers, wetlands, waterfalls,
gorges and ancient rock paintings; in addition to a lively and diverse wildlife that features 300 different
bird species, saltwater crocodiles and many other animals.

6. Kangaroo Island

Two people playing with kangaroos on beach by green blue ocean with white sand at Kangaroo Island Australia
If the first thing that comes to your mind upon hearing the word “Australia” is “kangaroos” rather than
“Sydney Opera House”, this island is a perfect choice. Here, you can see a ton of this cool animal species,
but also many others, such as koalas, sea lions, even penguins (yep, they aren’t necessarily related to
freezing parts of the world). The temperate waters host sea dragons that you can see on organized
driving tours, and if you are a history nerd, you can enjoy a ton of wrecks that lie offshore.

For the geography freaks, Kangaroo Island features breathtaking wind-sculpted rock formations. If you are a
hiker, there is nothing more beautiful than hiking the trails along the sea cliffs and the pristine forests.


Australia is home to both typical and adventure tourism and you should focus on diversifying your tours
while visiting. Don’t miss out on the regular tourist sites, but try and think a little bit out of the box
during your visit.


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