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How to Make the Most of Your 5 Days in Sydney

City skyline view of Sydney Australia with harbour, buildings, sky scrapers, opera house, boats, water, trees

Planning a trip to Australia? If you are in dire need of a vacation, but only have five days to explore, then the best course of action is to pack your bags and visit Sydney. When you think of Australia, the first thing that pops in your mind is a kangaroo, right? But this isn’t everything that this country has to offer. And since you won’t have time to visit every city or spot during your five-day adventure, it’s a good idea to focus your time in Sydney. It might not completely sum up what Australia is all about, but it does paint a pretty good picture, and you’ll get a wide variety of experiences.

Cure your jet lag on the beach

Manly beach front ocean view with blue green sea water and white sand with palm trees and buildings, cars

If you can’t wait to see the shores of Sydney, one of the best beaches to start with is Manly. Both Bondi and Manly are considered to be some of the best beaches along the Northern coastline in Sydney. If you’re tired or feeling some jet lag, but don’t want to sleep it off and waste the day, spend some time on what just might be Sydney’s most beautiful shore. Roll out your towel, lay back and relax to the sound of the waves gently rolling into the shore. Let the cool breeze and Australia’s climate take your worries away and recharge your batteries.


Hit the harbour

Harbour view of Sydney water at night with city lights and crowds of people at bar restaurant party

In the evening, this is the perfect opportunity to stroll along the Sydney Harbour. Fellow travelers give high marks to this experience, as you get a fantastic introduction spot to the city. The Harbour is the central node to travelers, with cruise liners, ferries, and tour boats coming and going as well as a train station nearby. There are also many shops, restaurants, and little cafes.

Note: If you feel like taking a boat tour, this is a great way to see the Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, and the city from afar. It looks amazing at any time, but in the evening, all lit up, is a special time to view it.



A walk in the park

Hilltop mountain view with snow caps and ski lift with trees and blue cloudy sky for adventure

Once you’ve regained your energy and unpacked your bag after a beautiful day at the beach, it’s time to spend a day surrounded by nature. No city lights, noise or traffic. Start by taking a tour of the Royal Botanic Garden and experience amazing moments observing plant and flower specimens that you’ve never seen before. Being that it’s a botanic garden, you’ll be able to visit it even when taking a snow tour from Sydney. Although snow bus trips might shorten the list of places you want to visit, there are tourist attractions that you can visit any time, no matter the season or weather conditions during that period. This is exactly what makes Royal Botanic garden such a great place to visit during any time of the year.

Fire and Ice

Barrels of raw uncut opal gem stones rocks with chalkboard signs at jewelry store in Australia

Australia is known for it’s beautiful opal gems, so there are several large opal cutters and jewelers in the city. While all are surely good, the great experience is Australia Opal Cutters and Pearl Divers, where you not only get a wide selection of stones for a competitive price, but you also get quite an experience. The space is just as much archives and gemology exploration playground as it is a jewelry showroom, and travelers have given this shop great reviews not only for the prices and quality, but for the overall experience as well.

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Fine dining, culture and art

Water view of Sydney Opera House and harbour with white roof architecture, tug boat, skyline with tall buildings, blue green water, and blue sky

Now that you’ve seen some of the landscape as well as the flora and fauna of Australia, it’s time to socialize and enjoy yourself. If you consider yourself a gourmand that has a tendency to enjoy art, then we have the perfect place for you. The famous Opera House located in Sydney is the most popular pick for every tourist visiting this amazing city. This place really has it all: entertainment for people of all ages, great restaurants and bars and a couple of stunning sightseeing spots. If you’re on your trip with your family, you’ll be completely covered with everything they might need. There’s even an aquarium for your kids to spend time in while you visit some of the best bars, fine dining restaurants or watch a play.


Kangaroos and Koalas

Two koala bears with grey fur climbing in trees with green leaves on a sunny day

You can’t go to Australia without seeing some kangaroos and koalas, can you? A trip to the Taronga Zoo is a must, and this can be a few hours, or an all-day affair. You’ll get to encounter three different types of ‘roos, as well as koalas, Tasmanian devils, squirrel monkeys, and rhinos. The zoo offers shows and talks, tours, a tiger trek, a lemur forest, and a sky lift, so it’s easy to get lost in exploration at Taronga.


Last call for shopping?

Open air farmers market with artisans, tents, crowds of people, stop light, festival, trees, city

Victorian architecture shopping arcade with antique lighting, fixtures, tile floors with shops in Sydney Australia

Love shopping? Then you’ll find that Sydney’s markets are a paradise that will accommodate most, if not all, of your shopping needs. Every international brand that you can think of is present here. For another fun shopping experience, there is also the Strand Arcade, which is a gorgeous Victorian shopping arcade with a beautiful atrium. There are quaint local shops as well as a few high-end retailers, and of course a few sweet shops peppered in. And of course, even if you’re not a big shopper, you could still bring a couple of souvenirs back home from one of these two spots for your family on your last day in Sydney.




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