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Let’s Remember What We Learned at Miami Swim Week 2018Models walking on runway wearing swimwear, bathing suits, bikinis, and sarongs for Miami Swim Fashion Week 2018

If you’re looking forward to summer and have already started checking out potential vacation destinations, don’t stop your research at hotels and flights. No, Miami Swim Week isn’t only an event that takes place in the hottest months, it’s the hottest event overall. It exists for a good reason and the beach fashion rules presented during it must be obeyed if you want to be a true girl of summer, like the song says. Yes, we’re still waiting for real spring to come ’round, but make no mistake about it, summer vibes are already knocking on our door, and you better be prepared to own the hottest beach looks of the season.


Baywatch, only bolder

Girl in red one-piece swimsuit leaning on palm tree in grove on tropical island at beach like Baywatch

Even those who weren’t even born during the original run of the iconic Baywatch TV series have come to know of it one way or another. There isn’t a girl in this world who hasn’t wanted to wear the iconic red one-piece and look like one of the lifeguards (only more human). Well, the looks we’ve seen presented by such brands as Frankies Bikinis will give you some serious Baywatch ‘90s nostalgia, complete with high leg cuts that will make you feel like you own the entire beach.


Bring on the color

Brunette girl in high waist bikini and sunglasses sitting with legs in pool by pool house

What kind of a swim week would it be if it didn’t have a splash of tribal and boho prints? Well, not this kind, because sexy bohemian bikinis were definitely present at the show, and they were made even more interesting by cutouts on their retro high-waist bottoms. If you simply can’t resist this combination of prints and cuts then you definitely need to check out the Seafolly Bali Hai collection, and we dare you to pick only one.


Aussie style

Brunette girl in pink bandeau tie bikini floating in water carrying a red flower

If the high leg one-piece is the embodiment of ‘90s California, then crochet bikinis are the epitome of all things Australian (the beachy sunny side). There is simply nothing not to love about the white and beige crochet bikinis presented by Beach Bunny. It’s both bohemian and minimalistic, and sexy yet covers everything that needs covering. There is probably no one in the world who loves crochet tops (actually, crochet anything) like your typical Aussie girl, so we definitely know who’ll be the first girls to jump aboard this trend, and if you want to exude those Aussie vibes, you’ll be there too.


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A bit of cover up

Blonde girl in white cover up dress with red hat standing in forest with tropical jungle plants and trees smiling

OK, we know you can always go with cut-off shorts, but if you want to implement the lessons doled out at Miami Swim Week, you will go with beach pants. Yes, these definitely are a thing, at least according to collections presented by such brands as Maaji, Sinesia Karol and Luli Fama. We have to say we are definitely here for the breezy transparent look with plenty of movement, and you’ll surely love it too. The only decision you have to make now is whether you want to match the print on the pants with the one on your bikini top or go rogue, mix and match.


We’re not done yet

Blonde girl in white sarong top, sunglasses, and tan floppy hat lounging in black hammock with iPhone in a forest

Come on, you didn’t think we’d leave you without a refresher course on accessories, did you? OK, let’s start with eyewear. Color lenses will be the ultimate must-have, especially those in pink and yellow hues. Make sure they’re transparent, not reflective, so your smoldering look can be spotted on all the amazing snaps you’ll be posting, blowing kisses from the beach. Also, in case you’re wondering, big hats are back, and by big we mean really big – almost Rachel from Friends big, so if you want to play the beach diva role, Miami is completely on board with that. Of course, you can take a more toned-down and even cooler approach with head wraps and bandanas which are always hot, and this season is no exception.


Pack it up

Finally, you’ll need a trendy beach tote to pack all the beach necessities in. Although a soft woven tote will do the job, if you want to be completely on-trend, you’ll definitely go with a more solid tote, whether it’s a chic basket bag or a solid round one. Pom-poms are still in, so if you already own something with them, don’t worry, you’re all set to go.


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