The Brown Velvet Betty

Model Alessandra Ambrosio has a history of superior street style, and her most recent appearance at the DUNDAS Traveling Flagship Cocktail Party in Los Angeles was no different. Her sexy velvet number was in a surprising hue that I personally would never pick out on my own. But on Alessandra, umm…yeah, I’m rethinking that. Because this girl makes that brown luster WORK, darlin’.

Brunette girl model Alessandra Ambrosio in brown gold velvet mini dress standing in front of wooden doors in Los Angeles

So how do we get that luxe look for less? First let’s take a look at the price tag…


The Luxe Look

Brunette girl model Alessandra Ambrosio in brown gold velvet mini dress standing inside shop boutique by clothes rack in Los Angeles

Dress: Dundas // Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti // Jewelry: Jacquie Aiche

Luxe Look Total: ~ $12,945


Luxe Look for Less

Dress: Ivyrevel // Shoes: I.N.C. // Necklace: Luv Tia // Ring: Sara Reynolds

To get the luxe look for less, I looked for similar textures and silhouettes. You can stick to the same hue as Alessandra, which is a good idea for you warm toned golden beauties out there. Or you can opt for a different color that will complement your skin tone better – I included quite a few options in the widget for these price ranges.

Luxe Look for Less Total: $282



Luxe Look for a Steal

Dress: Boohoo // Shoes: Missguided // Necklace: Kohls // Ring: By Lia Jewels

When we go to the Luxe Look for a Steal category, all the fast fashion brands create a vast (and I mean VAST) variety of fantastic choices for super cheap. There are some great brands like Boohoo and Missguided, who are known for their Kardashian-type bodycon looks. And this is what I focus on – pulling dresses that get that sultry silhouette. Then there’s plenty of options out there in at great prices for the sandals and jewelry. This is where you can really re-create the look for a seriously limited budget.

Luxe Look for a Steal Total: $100




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