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How to Pack for a Trip to Santorini

View of Grecian coastline with blue sea water, boats, and white buildings with blue domes, and woman in pool spa
Ah, the turquoise sea, the balmy beaches, the delicious Mediterranean food – don’t they all make you slip into the daydreaming mode instantly? However, before you jump on that flight to one of Greece’s most beloved islands, it’s time to check your packing list so as not to forget any of your essentials.

If this is your first time to any Greek destination, brace yourself, it’s about to get very light, breezy, and sizzling, so make sure to take some notes since this will be your go-to packing reference

Your wardrobe essentials

Sandy beach with blonde girl walking in breezy white dress by blue ocean water and green tree on island
Even though you can use “less is more” as your guiding star when you pack for this trip, Greece is a country laden in all possible shades of azure blue and pearl white, so take that into account when it comes to choosing your palette. As for the actual items, a few light cotton dresses (florals and lace are always welcome) are perfect, and an equal number of shorts and tees to match.

A pair of trousers or wide-leg linen pants are great for the journey itself, but they also make for a great backup in case of a colder evening. Since you’ll be staying on an island, it’s also wise to have a lighter jacket or a sweater, because nights can get colder even in the middle of summer, and layers are always welcome.


Smart Accessories

Blonde tan girl lying on bench wearing black bandeau bikini and sunglasses by green palm plant with necklaces smiling in the summer
While you might be tempted to pick your baubles mostly based on your mood and preferences, you should also take a few essential, but purposeful accessories to make your stay even more comfortable. For instance, no matter where you come from and how well you’re accustomed to very hot, sunny days, bring a pair of shades to keep you sun-safe.

Another protective and lovely choice can be a wide-brimmed hat, which will come in particularly handy for hikes around the island and outdoor lunches. As for your jewelry, keep it light in order not to overburden your skin, and make sure that your jewelry materials won’t be damaged by the salt and sweat.


Prep for the Beach

Blonde girl on beach sand in red velvet lace lingerie swimsuit
Every fashionista’s favorite part of the list, and the pièce de résistance of your summer style, should be the delicate beach essentials you’ll flaunt every day! Since Santorini is a coveted destination perfect for relaxation and sunbathing, bring your designer swimwear to accentuate your curves and boast your style while you bask in the sun.

Add to that a massive straw tote loaded with your sun-protection essentials, and you have a season-perfect combo that you’ll never grow tired of during your stay. If your apartment is near the beach, you can even go in your flip-flops, but lovely Greek sandals should be your go-to footwear.


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Don’t Forget Your Beauty Kit

Makeup with gold compact, tarte powder blush foundation, tarte lipstick, lip gloss, highlighter, liner beside eucalyptus leaves
Just like with your accessories, the skincare you pack should be based on the weather conditions and your skin needs to handle the harsh sun. That means that both sun protection, but also healing balms in case of sunburn, which often contain aloe vera and similar cooling ingredients are a must. Remember to reapply after swimming, and do keep your skin hydrated inside and out, with lightweight moisturizing lotions.

Consider adding a facial mist to your list, and your complexion will appreciate the refreshing boost in the sun. Also, your lips deserve the same amount of care, and a lip balm which won’t melt in your purse is the best thing you can bring on your daily sightseeing adventures! If you’re too attached to your makeup kit, at least pick the lightest, most pore-friendly items you own, and leave the primers, heavy foundations, and blush at home – the sun and sea salt will take care of the rest.


Mind Your Feet

Feet with painted toes and ankle bracelet in sand on the beach during summer
For those among you who are getting ready for a leisurely holiday, you might be tempted to leave your sneaks at home. However, if you’re planning even a single longer walk, the island is riddled with cobbled streets and steep climbs, so it’s wise to bring a pair of comfortable sneakers for your hikes.

Other than that, your feet will have a true vacation in your leather sandals and flip-flops, both of which are perfect for the heat of Santorini, the tavernas lined along its white and blue streets, and of course, the beach.


Consider this a perfect opportunity to test the pastel trend that roamed the fashion shows for the upcoming season, as well as the nude, beach-inspired look so many models showcased on the runways. Think sky blue, sand and camel brown, and pearl white thoughts, and you’ll be on the right track to spend your holiday in the true fashion spirit of the Mediterranean!



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