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How to Achieve Vintage Warmth in Your Modern Bathroom

Victorian claw foot tub in bathroom by bay window with venetian blinds and light hardwood floors, fireplace, mirror, and wainscoting in vintage modern interior design home decor style

Vintage warmth is the right way of explaining what this best-of-both-worlds design means to people. Sure, old times had some downfalls but we all tend to romanticize the past and think fondly of the times when we as children visited our grandparents during a summer holiday. Bring this style to your bathroom and add some soul to what can be an otherwise clean-cut room.

The mix

We are long past the notion that mixing of the styles is not desirable. In fact, there are fine lines that you can use to make the crossover smooth and tasteful. We enjoy technology and modern designs but with time those strict lines and glossy reflective surfaces became too much. What many people are missing is the charm that old times had and memories that they awake. However, not many are prepared to drop the functionality that modern-day bathrooms have, as opposed to those from 50+ years ago. Integrate the charming features with modern day functionality for perfect interior design.


The style

Using the knowledge shared by expert designers we find out that some of the most revived eras in bathrooms are Victorian, Deco, 50’s and the 60’s. Don’t stop there, however, and don’t let the restrictions of styles limit you. You can recreate a vintage bathroom from an era of your choosing and with less than perfect accuracy. Use the elements you find to fit the era and don’t even bother with naming the style. All you really care is to keep it tasteful. You can go for your grandma’s bathroom, a castle the way you picture it to be, or rustic farmhouse décor.

Vintage claw foot black and white tub in brick archway in vintage modern interior design home decor style


The fixtures

Fixtures play an important part in recreating a vintage bathroom. Luckily for us, there are vintage-looking fixtures available to buy now. You do not have to bother to have them custom made or buy used items in a good condition. Another perk of being able to buy them new in a variety of styles is that you know that the modern materials are used and there is no risk of water pollution in the pipes and fixtures. For most of the time, vintage brass was very popular in bathrooms. You can use exposed piping in your shower to allow for more brass to show.



Modern bathroom with stone tub, vanity, walk in shower, mirror and tile floor in vintage modern interior design home decor style

The simplest way of covering your bathroom walls and floors is the use of what is now known as vintage tiling. You will get a series of what looks like tiny ornamental tiles in the colors of your choosing. However, to really nail an era, combining the vintage tiles with other types of tiling may be a better solution. Also, looking at these aspects of a bathroom, certain design styles involving wooden floors, for example, are no longer considered practical. If you want to achieve a rustic look, you could perhaps try using natural stone tiles on floors and parts of walls. This type of tile is also excellent for the medieval look, and it easily blends in with the modern look. If the ”urban vintage” style is something that’s for you, then in that case subway tiles – a huge trend right now – are the way to go.


Mirror mirror on the wall

What hides behind this cheesy subtitle is the tendency that mirror and other wall decor have on the overall appearance of the bathroom. Your mirror, or picture frames, can instantly indicate the era you were trying to depict in the bathroom. This also means that with a simple bathroom and a stylish mirror you can achieve a lot in lines of creating charming space. There is only one other typical bathroom feature which screams vintage and that is a freestanding bathtub.

Rustic bathroom vanity with large mirror, drop edison lights, sinks, and walk-in shower in vintage modern interior design home decor style


Vintage pieces

Vintage sink with brass faucet in vintage modern interior design home decor style

The easiest way you can achieve the desired look is by obtaining genuine pieces from the era. For example, vintage bathroom cabinets are an obvious choice. You can refinish your grandma’s or look for used ones for a good price. If you buy a new one in a store, it may come out a bit pricey. Furthermore, any cupboards or cabinets from the period may have the same impact on the bathroom. If you are a fan of these types of materials, bathroom rugs and mats can do wonders when combined with brass and vintage furniture. If you have any of the old bathroom amenities and appliances, such as an old soap dish, faucet covers, hangers, old water heaters, or even a vintage steam sauna, find a place for it in your bathroom.

Use your memory and your imagination to design a bathroom you will feel comfortable in. Don’t compromise with the convenience of today’s bathrooms but look for vintage, even antique items you can use in the room. Learn about the traits of your favorite vintage style and imitate them in your freshly designed bathroom.



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