Designer Fashion via Valentino Meets 1970’s Getty Family via Trust

Pierpaolo Piccioli of Valentino seems to be just as much historian as he is designer, and the resort 2019 collection lived up to his reputation with a jaunt through 1970’s Rome. Pretty much aligning perfectly with our new sartorial fashion obsession after watching Trust, and following the Getty family.

Vintage Bourgeois

An absolute departure from the ethereal goddess we all expect in Valentino, this collection was still filled with vintage bourgeois vibes that really lay the groundwork to the preppy fashion motif. Layers were the foundation of the collection in a popping mashup of patterns, mostly primary hues, and logo mania ran rampant. The looks were part resort vacay, part sporty, part smart.

Laid Back Street with Mary Tyler Moore

There was a decidedly relaxed and romantic feel with the flowing handkerchief dresses, flyaway sheer lace embroidery dresses, and silk shirts. But of course, this is balanced with a Mary Tyler Moore vibe with pant suits, blazers, and high-neck dresses. Even denim made a home in this collection, complemented by jackets and capes with a pseudo-nautical motif.


Wearable Mimosa

And Piccioli didn’t stray too far from the signature Valentino offering. There were a few evening-ready dresses, like the black sequin column dress with yellow mimosa flowers popping out in a sumptuous texture atop silver beaded leaves. And the bohemian beauty indigo sequin handkerchief dress, trimmed in silver and red sequin striping with a deep plunge. Gorgeous.

The Bits

The looks were completed with oversize sunglasses and headscarves, enhancing that bohemian vibe. And of course, there had to be a counterbalance of chunky loafers.

The Deal

The beauty in this collection was the imaginative, yet calculated execution by Piccioli. It’s easy to go full romantic and win us over by the beauty. It’s a much bigger challenge to intermingle two opposing viewpoints and make them have a happy marriage. Did I mention how much I love Piccioli? Once or twice? He’s my designer nerd crush, because he’s obviously more than just a designer. Historian, researcher, artist. All of that. His works continue to be not just gorgeous designer fashion with a theme, but rather comparable to  a PhD level dissertation on a compelling period of time as expressed through sartorial, artisanal creation.




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