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Millennials and Beauty

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The fashion and beauty industry have been undergoing a massive transformation, and this savvy generation has been a very significant part of this shift. As they now represent one of the most numerous groups of global population, side-by-side with the boomers, millennials have become the number-one target group for most beauty brands out there, which are doing their best to redefine themselves so as to meet millennials’ needs.

However, the change doesn’t stop at brands, but it transcends into the very mindset of the world in an attempt to recreate beauty standards, empower authenticity, and ensure a safer, healthier future for us, as well as the planet.


The greener the better

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Once of the most important ways in which millennials have affected the beauty industry is their attitude towards its ethical practices. Unlike the careless attitudes of the majority of their predecessors, they put a great emphasis on what it says on the label, and they aren’t afraid of doing their homework. Eager to know more about what makes a healthy choice in beauty, they are glad to pay more for something with a promise to keep Mother Earth unharmed, and their beauty intact. 

According to CV Skinlabs, there are 7 main ingredients that harm the environment currently found in many beauty products to watch out for (if you can):

  • Exfoliating Microbeads. Many of today’s exfoliating face and body washes use polyethylene-a plastic substance-to create scrubbing beads
  • BHA and BHT. These are popular preservatives often used in moisturizers and makeup
  • Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)
  • Triclosan
  • Synthetic Fragrances
  • Chemical Sunscreens like oxybenzone
  • Siloxanes (Silicones)

What’s more, millennials look beyond the ingredient list and inspect the manufacturing, distributing, shipping, and selling practices, elevating the expectations for brands to treat the entire chain of production and supply with greater care for humans involved – and preferably leave animals out of it entirely.



Focus on experience

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Although we do live in a materialistically-oriented world, millennials have a preference for feelings, memories, and connections rather than possessions. This mindset alone has affected the industry to push beauty brands to create experiences, and not mere products. Since traveling, work, giving back, and raising awareness is their forte, it’s only natural that they connect with brands which strive to do the same.

If, for instance, a particular skincare brand donates a portion of its proceedings to a charity that is close to their customers’ heart, a millennial is happy to take part in such a movement, even though there could be other skincare options they’d love. This, in turn, allows a new way to create loyalty, and focus on making a difference as opposed to just making a sale.


Convenience comes first

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Living in an era of almost constant connectedness, it goes without saying that shopping cannot possibly be a hassle or a time-consuming process. Simplicity comes first, and millennials appreciate the transparency that comes with this modern way of shopping, predominantly online. With this change of scenery, they have started using platforms such as Mind Beauty that are designed to simplify the searching, booking, and paying process.

This also opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to looking for reviews, comments, and feedback, as they will only show interest in validated, reliable names on the market who have a solid reputation. No more reliance on blatant ads or salesy phone-calls – if you want to reach them, it’s best to do it through genuine customer feedback and transparent communication.


Beauty gone natural

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In addition to a selection of eco-friendly items and cruelty-free promises, millennials have influenced the general beauty trends. Although there will always be love for glitter, and the red lip is still the little black dress of makeup, millennials will opt for a makeup-free, nude look almost for any given occasion.

Celebrating natural, unfiltered, unrefined beauty, there’s a greater accent on skincare, rather than on hiding any imperfections or insecurities. This is a generation that has invited the world to love itself even on a bad hair day, and to focus on nourishment inside and out not only for the sake of health, but also for the sake of beauty. In a world overwhelmed with choices, they persevere with the attitude that less is truly more when it comes to cherishing their own appearance.

Celebrating diversity

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Millennials are all about authentic self-expression, both through fashion and beauty. Hence it should come as no surprise that they value brands that have moved forward, in terms of their voice and image, towards a more inclusive beauty scene. What was once a field of predominantly white, skinny, and pretty has now become a more colorful, rich view representing true humanity.

So, in addition to refusing to use brands that are still stuck in the Middle Ages in terms of their inclusion practices, millennials also openly support those who have come a long way, such as Fenty by Rihanna. Such movements exploded all over the globe, and millennials lead the way in their devotion to rooting out all forms of prejudice and ignorance.



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