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Tricks to Refresh Your Home in a Minute

Home décor and interior design magazines have been around for decades, so wanting to have a beautiful home that reflects your taste and represents a space you actually want to spend time in isn’t anything new; it’s not a fad. However, whether it is due to the comeback of hosting dinner parties or at-home parties or the numerous ideas that pop up on popular platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, we have never been more interested in making our home as lovely and as reflective of our style than now.

Aside from wanting a home that is welcoming to you, you want to make it a space others will enjoy spending time in as well. Just like the clothes we choose to wear and the kind of makeup we put on, the way our homes are ‘put together’ speaks volumes of who we are. They tell the guests about how neat we are, whether we have an eye for detail, and even what our social status is. Above all other things, your home is the biggest reflection of who you are.

Sunny bay window with plants in bedroom for home interior decorating tricks

Luckily, having a lovely decorated home isn’t as much of a luxury as it used to be, thanks to both affordable furniture and home décor brands such as Ikea, Jysk, and of course the little DIY tips we can snag online and make our homes pretty without breaking the bank. Now aside from saving your wallet, we’re also here to help you save some time. We realize that no home is perfect all day every day of the week, and sometimes we need to get things in spick-and-span shape in less than an hour.

Thanks to these little tricks, you will be able to make your home more than presentable. Of course trends come and go, as Interior Design Collective tells us, so whether you’ll be influenced by a movie, environmental changes or something else, we are bound to ‘shake things up’ every couple years, which is all the more reason not to spend too much on decoration, as you might end up taking it all down after two years.


The chair

Home interior decorating tricks - wooden chair with decorative pillow

You have a great, albeit simple chair that doesn’t really pop in the living room? The solution couldn’t be easier. Just take a throw pillow in a contrasting color for a little pop, ‘casually’ throw a pashmina or a gorgeous blanket scarf over the armrest, and voilà – you have a perfectly decorated and inviting nook. The same goes for your bedroom – a couple of stylish throw pillows, a cute blanket placed at the foot of the bed, and you’ve got yourself an inviting and cozy bed within minutes.


Bring it to life, sort of

Silk floral arrangements with peonies and roses for interior decorating tricks

We all know that plants, regardless of their size, make for great home décor elements (aside from coming in handy when it comes to oxygen production). Now, there are certain people who were born with a green thumb and who love and know how to maintain their beloved plants. Then there are others who have tried to make this ‘plant-human’ relationship work and failed miserably. Yet we all deserve to have something nice to look at; so even if you’re not a plant person, all is not lost. You can always turn to gorgeous and realistic silk flower arrangements at places like Secret Blooms and Balsam Hill that essentially look like the real deal and no one will be able to tell the difference unless you reveal ‘the secret’. All you need is a cute vase that goes with your overall living room theme and your job is done. A gorgeous centerpiece and no hassle.



Space struggle

In the era of many belongings and small apartments, sometimes you have to get creative when your closets just can’t take another bite. This is why we are incredibly thankful for the ‘invention’ of big decorative storage boxes or baskets. They can contain everything from winter clothes, shoes, magazines, children’s toys and everything else you don’t want lying around in plain sight, and on top of that, they look so incredible and add to the vibrancy of the room. Just pick your perfect pattern, or take a simple monochromatic box and decorate it yourself if you’re dexterous in the field, and everyone will admire them, not having any idea of what’s inside.

It takes some effort

One of the chicest and most effective ways to bring life to any room is to create a gallery wall. Now, this can take some time or it can be done in half an hour. If you already have photos or posters, all you need to do is find cute and affordable frames, place the posters in the frames, and then start affixing them to the wall. You probably have a bunch of ideas – prints of famous paintings, prints of movies or books you love, even motivational quotes that have great meaning in your life. These are all pretty affordable, and you can use frames of different dimensions and even styles to give a sense of versatility to the wall. Trust us, it will be your favorite place in the room once you’re done.


Book lovers, listen up

Built-in wall storage shelves for book library - home interior decorating tricks

If you have shelves loaded with books, take an hour and arrange them according to color. It will bring a sense of synchronicity and tidiness to the shelf and it will be noticeable in the entire room. Just look at this gorgeous book nook and you will realize how much better it looks when the books are color-coded.


The power of the mirror

In case you don’t have the luxury of living in a giant house or apartment and you don’t have floor-to-ceiling windows, you can always create the illusion of a bigger space with the use of a large mirror. It instantly makes the room visually more spacious and it’s a great empty wall filler.


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