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Pool Design Trends for 2018 You’ll Love

waterfall feature in blue pool in pool for 2018 top pool designs

Summer is probably the favorite season for most: it’s the time when kids don’t have to go to school and adults schedule get to take vacations and lazy days off. It’s when we take a break from work (and stress!) and replace those with lounging in the sun with cool drinks, swimming, and hanging out with friends. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a vacation; you can have fun in an outdoor swimming pool too, especially if it’s one of these amazing modern designs.

Next level pools

waterfall feature in blue pool in pool for 2018 top pool designs

When you want to add something a little (or a lot) extra to your swimming pool, different water features can make a big difference. Not only do these add fluidity and movement to your outdoor space, but they also create great atmosphere too. Waterfalls can look amazing and their sounds are soothing and relaxing, so activities like yoga, meditation, and even just reading are all enhanced while sitting next to your pool. The same goes for fountains as well as rain walls, they soothe the mind and help you relieve stress. You can also try adding a spa if you want the water to circulate a bit more and add a patterned finish because essentially pools are still.


infinity pool for 2018 top pool designs

If your yard has a variance in levels, infinity pools might be the best option for you. They are also called wet-edge or negative edge pools, and if you have split-level blocks, you can easily connect the space with these edges. The spillover looks elegant and mysterious, almost surreal, and it seems like the pool floats in the air. Wet edges might cost a bit more, but they are a real visual treat and a wonderful way to connect the spaces. You might want to consult pool installation professionals before you make a decision because you need to make sure that your location is suitable for infinity pool design.  

Smaller options

small pool for 2018 top pool designs

Before you decide on the type of pool you want in your yard, you need to take a look at the size of your house as well as the rest of your yard/garden. The pool you choose should look like it belongs there, and if you have a small yard, a big pool (or even a medium-sized one) just won’t look as good. Its location and size should complement your yard as well as your home, and not overwhelm them. If your space is limited but you still want a pool, you can choose to have a small plunge pool in a corner of your yard or perhaps a custom-made spa. Because you don’t need a big pool, it won’t cost a fortune and you will still get your morning dip.


mosaic tiled blue pool with sea turtle and pineapple for 2018 top pool designs

People started choosing pools with tiles because they can really elevate the look of the pool, and today you have a lot of different tile types and designs to choose from. People have been choosing a lot of dark tiles (close to black, dark gray, and navy) but also completely white ones too. In between these two extremes, you can also have a mosaic in your pool, with differently colored tiles that form a picture or a pattern. Not only are tiles smooth under your feet, but they are super-easy to keep clean too.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s indoor or outdoor, when you get a pool, you know you’re going to have a good time and be able to relax. There are costs involve, and you have to take those into account. But on the flip side, when you have a nice swimming pool, it may increase the value of your property and allow you to one day sell your home for a higher price.



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      I totally understand! It always seems like we can’t have the total package. There’s always a trade off. I love our place but it’s always like a sauna and fighting mosquitoes in the summer. Otherwise our place is perfect…I guess we take what we can get! ❤️

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