Buxom makes some of my favorite lip products, so when there’s a new launch I get pretty excited to try it out. They’ve been on the lip plumping scene for a long time, and by now, Buxom has gotten pretty innovative with their plumping pout game. So of course, when they reached out to me to try their new PillowPout Plumping Lip Powder (powder!!), I was all about it.

Buxom Pillow Pout Lip Powder Flat Lay on Marble

The line is available in 10 shades of semi-matte nudes to bold berry tones, delivered by a sponge applicator. The plumping feature was very different than their other products; It lacked the typical tingling sensation, but made my lips appear to be fuller. with the powder filling in the creases.

Amy of the Luxe Lookbook before Buxom Pillow Pout lip powder beauty blogger
Before – Crazy hair, don’t care

I have to say I love this new design. It’s so much more sophisticated in the semi-matte finish, but it didn’t dry out my lips. While I absolutely love the glosses, they rub off on my husband whenever I go to kiss him. (We actually have a running joke because he can tell when I’m wearing Buxom. His lips start to tingle, so he blots with an over-exaggerated effect, and says “Buxom: my lips look pretty, don’t they?” He cracks me up. So while I can’t bring myself to ever leave the gloss, the new PillowPout semi-matte powder is kind of a game changer, bringing us all into a higher level of refined adulthood. And it’s surprisingly hydrating too.

I tried out two colors, both in the nude – berry tones. Cuddle Me is a nude that went perfectly with my lips, which was a perfect test of the plumping qualities of the product alone. While it didn’t give me Kardashian-like injections (NO!!!), it did give a moderate plumping effect.

Amy of the Luxe Lookbook in Buxom Pillow Pout lip powder Cuddle Me beauty blogger

The next color, Darling Dolly was a more vivid berry tone, which popped against my skin. I had used a makeup wipe to take off the previous color, which had a bit of alcohol in it, so this application didn’t go on as smooth since my lips were a bit drier. So I’d recommend using a bit of lip balm or before application since it’s semi-matte. The Darling Dolly went on opaque, and was buildable. While the nude was more fool-proof the Darling Dolly required a lip pencil to smooth out the lines, but it gave a bombshell finish.

Amy of the Luxe Lookbook in Buxom Pillow Pout lip powder Darling Dolly beauty blogger

Overall I think this has become a top contender of my new favorite products. I definitely didn’t know what to think of “lip powder”, but I’m sold on the idea. From the plumping qualities to the hydrating surprising creaminess to the for real adulting semi-matte finish, it was all there in a smartly packaged product.



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      Thanks Radi! Don’t tell my husband that, he already thinks he’s hilarious! Ok he is, but I don’t want him getting all cocky. Ha!! Thanks for stopping by, girl!

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      Thanks Dorota, that’s so sweet! I love the color too – definitely for an everyday wear. 🙂

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      Thanks Heather! I really enjoyed doing this review. It’s so fun when you love the brand already! Thanks for stopping by, love!

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Thanks, Jess! You definitely should. It was a really cool experience to try a lip powder for the first time (and it was so good!).

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      Then this might be a good one to try! It has the plumping feature in a powder without the tingling. I didn’t know L’Oreal had a lip powder as well – thanks for letting me know, Anne! 💙

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      Thanks Jess! Yeah, I was kind of astonished at the whole concept, but it was super easy to use and I thought it looked just as good as regular lipstick. Actually, I liked the semi-matte effect a lot better than a lot of my regular lipsticks. Let me know what you think when you try it out!!

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      I seriously love the color. Thanks for stopping by, love!

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      Thanks Missy May! I am a dedicated fan, so I definitely think you should!

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    “Don’t Worry, Be Yonce” hahaha! Too much. I am drooling. PS is there anyone in life more fabulous than Beyonce…seriously?

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