The Royal Feeling

Catching up on Paris Couture Week, the Armani Privé collection gave a surprising dynamism as the collection evolved. With so many fashion houses looking to our British siblings for inspiration after the royal wedding, so too did Armani in what was self-described as “almost regal”.

The Grand Madame

In almost 100 looks, the first half was a series of black and gold as well as neutral grand madame moments (as Heidi Klum would put it) Armani is known for. Silhouettes were long via column gowns and pant suits with piping, velvet trimming, and dramatic flourishes. There’s a clear market of buyers here, and the clothes are incredibly sophisticated.

The Resting B*tch Face

Yet the collection evolved surprisingly toward the younger generations with sexier silhouettes, plunging necklines, popping hips, and cheeky elements like folded arms embroidered on a black velvet gown. This dress will go perfectly with any woman’s resting bitch face.

The Sonic Youth

Then, with a whisper of a turquoise shoulder strap came the abrupt holler of electric color eccentric with pink, turquoise, fuchsia, and black. If we’re telling the truth though, some of these looks really give off the vibe that they’re riffing on some Valentino Spring 18 Couture. Just sayin. This series was energetic if not youthful – basically the antithesis of the previous madame faire, with vibrant fringe skirts, bubble gum toned tulle, and over-the-top ombre ostrich feather capes.

Champagne Dreams

The collection closes with a whisper of champagne and black numbers that are a bit pulled back in demure elegance, ready for  evening and red carpet events.

This one went eccentric, and I may not have loved every look, but it obviously stretched Armani’s repertoire. So overall, I’m a fan.



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      I agree, especially the tone of gold. That champagne is so gorgeous and timeless. Thanks Kathrin!

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