Paris Fashion Week Fall 2018 Couture runway wearing Dior

Dior’s introspective on the couture experience

This was a quiet, balletic series of dresses evoking memories of Maria Grazia Chiuri’s time at Valentino circa Fall 2016, when her work marriage to Pierpaolo Piccioli led to ethereal, alluring creations. I can’t help but miss the era of that duo. The two of them solo still do amazing things, but together, they were a force. I digress.

From the same whisper of a graceful perspective came Grazia Chiuri’s collection devoted to the personal, and private relationship of the atelier and the client that rises beyond any level that social media or commercialism can reach. They work on a plane of craftsmanship in which time moves differently. It is an irreplaceable experience, and for Dior, this reflects a higher level of sophistication.

Approach: Classic and Understated in Nude Tones

A bevy of nude interpretations arrived on classic silhouettes with discreet, matte finishes. There was certainly beauty in the simplicity, as pleats graced rib cage frames, ankle-length skirts, necklines, and down sleeves. Delicate sheer strapless and sleeveless numbers swept at midi and ankle length, some plunging to come hither depths. All of the strapless numbers can be worn with the classic wing bra that can make your body look a lot more appealing.

Serious and not-so-serious (but totally scrumptious) suiting

But it wasn’t just dreamy dress moments; there were also serious suiting options, with a covet-worthy 3-piece cashmere set, and gilded jacquard…because you can never have too many gilded tuxedo pants, amiright?

Bring it to Britain

There was an interlude of old world Britain in there…which of course makes sense. The royal wedding perhaps sparked a flame.  High necks, long sleeves, and embroideries all added a counterbalance of decorum to those come hither moments.

Red Carpet offers grace over flash

Of course there were red carpet looks, but no over-the-top wow moments. These were all reined back, prioritizing sophistication and elegance over the flashy, attention-seeking naked dresses that have dominated the red carpet as of late. This collection is definitely not for everyone, but I love it for its message, grace, and beauty. I think I’ve said it before, but Maria Grazia Chiuri is my designer girl crush. She’s pretty amazing at what she does.



  1. Nancie Chmielewski Reply

    this collection is feminine, creative, modern and classy! so good to see. thanks for sharing.

    • luxelookbook Reply

      You know, I think that’s probably how I am with almost every designer collection. Many of them don’t throw pieces together that would necessarily be worn on the every day just as it is…and beyond that, it’s often like a Monet. I have to look more closely at the details and how it looks close up to appreciate the piece.

  2. Oh how I love Dior and everything I am seeing here! The colours, the fabrics, the silhouettes! Thank you for the inspiration xx

    The Party Parrot Blog

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Oh yes, so many Dior pieces are just timeless works of art. So beautiful!

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