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5 Things you should renovate before moving to a new house

Moving into a new house is an exciting but daunting experience. You pack your stuff, label the boxes, unpack and set up everything at the new place. However, it isn’t as simple as that – is it? You need to ensure that the new house is perfect before all that stuff fills it, which is why you need to pre-plan and some of those key renovations before you move into the house.

If you are moving into a brand new house, then there is hardly any renovation required, but if you are moving into an older dwelling, you need to account for all the various repairs to avoid inconvenience later on. Here are five things you should look to renovate before moving to a new house:


Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Renovate Before Moving - Wooden Flooring

One of the toughest and most daunting tasks you will face after moving into a house is changing the flooring. It is during that time you’ll wish you had completed this task before moving in. Remember, once you place all the furniture, furnishings, and settle in, which takes up a lot of flooring space, renovating the floor will be a pain.


After a move, you would need to move all the furniture, redo the flooring, and ensure it does not damage your valuable assets during the process. Renovating the floor would have been much simpler and cheaper if you had done that before moving in. Therefore, always check the flooring of the house and make any necessary repairs while the house is empty. This way, you would save yourself quite some trouble and a few dollars as well. And don’t underestimate this task. If you haven’t ever done it yourself, it may be an effort best left to the pros if you’re in a time crunch!



Water Leaks

If you are moving into an older house, most pipelines will require maintenance. Pipes are mostly concealed, so if you need repairs and renovation, you probably need to do a lot of digging and dismantling. Such activities once you have moved would only add to the discomfort. Also, you have to look after your valuables (adding to the risk), bear the noise, dust, and extra cleaning hours. Repairing leaks or changing the pipes should definitely be done before you move in. Do a thorough check or get a professional plumber to identify the condition of pipes and make repairs if necessary. Leaving the task for after you move in will make it quite challenging and potentially more costly.



The Kitchen

Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Renovate Before Moving - Large marble bar kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important parts of any home – a central gathering point used to prepare the meals. If your kitchen needs updating, then it must surely be done before you shift to the new home. Kitchen renovation may include changing the cabinets, wardrobes, pipelines, flooring, or the walls. In any case, each requires a considerable amount of work and would need considerable man hours to complete the job. Renovating the kitchen after you move in will put you through a lot of noise pollution, dust, and would require you to eat out daily – talk about expenses and allergies. Not having access to the kitchen sink can become a nightmare for people trying to coexist in a home with a kitchen renovation going on. Therefore, if you feel your kitchen needs maintenance or updating, be kind to yourself and complete the task while the house is still empty to avoid all the hassles. It might also be possible that your kitchen is outdated and needs an uplift, in which case it would require a massive renovation.




Interior Design: 5 Things You Should Renovate Before Moving - Bathoom

A clean and neat bathroom will considerably add to your zen and peace, which is why it needs to be in perfect condition. Old houses may have rusty and leaky pipes, which can lead to some unfavorable scenarios. For example, if you face a leak problem in an upstairs bathroom, then it can damage the furniture and fixtures in the room below. Moreover, water accumulation leads to a buildup of fungus and algae that results in an unhealthy living condition, especially for the children.

Algae and fungi pollute the air and cause various respiratory issues. Therefore, do not wait until the last minute to renovate the bathroom. If it requires renovation, move that up the list and complete the task before you move in. Hidden mold, mildew, algae, and fungus are common issues in bathrooms, so it’s best to keep everyone’s health in mind.



Repainting the Walls

This is perhaps the most essential task of all; painting the walls requires time and effort. Not to mention the dry out time required and the smell to fade away, and this task seems to be required in almost every new move, doesn’t it? Most paints use chemical thinners that leave a stench in the house for quite a few days. Due to their chemical properties, people with sensitive skin can undergo reactions. It also hurts the eyes, resulting in reactions, allergies, and irritation. If you paint your house after you move in, you would need to shift a lot of furniture and fixtures that would only delay the process and require added work. If you hire contractors to do the job, they would surely ask you for a higher fee. Painting the house or walls needs to be one of the first priorities as it requires several days depending on how many walls/trim you are doing and the time required to dry before furniture can be placed.


Identifying your renovation needs before moving into a new house can save you a lot of trouble. Therefore, always create a comprehensive relocation checklist and do a thorough check to ensure that all renovation tasks in the new home are identified to avoid inconveniences later on.




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  1. I would consider resolving water leaks of uttermost importance. They tend to cause further damage to ceiling , walls or floors depending were the leak is. In addition, the improvements will sure add a lot of value to your new acquired property.

  2. SUch a good read you have here dear, and I couldn’t agree more, especially with the flooring. It’s easily one of the most expensive to renovate/change too!

    Jessica |

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