British brand J&M Davidson took their latest collection to exotic Morocco – one of my favorite sources of travel-meets-fashion inspo. From the rich hued dip-dye fabrics to the architectural arches and patterned niches, pulling from Moorish, French, and Arab influences, the motif is ripe with rich visual substance.

Model wearing white Moroccan inspired dress by JM Davidson for Spring 2019 fashion designer collection

The influence of Morocco rings true in hues of currant, azure, avocado, and cream – the well-known color of the stucco buildings against the Marrakesh sky. Jumpsuits and play suits are the staple in this collection, breathing a light air of ease. While the allure of the exotic can allow designers to get carried away, over-developing looks in intricate patterns, this collection was refreshingly minimalist considering its inspiration. Save for some well placed tassel poms in linear patterns, a puffed sleeve here, or ties on a pair of shorts there, the designs were understated with an easy refinement.

But the bags. Ohhhh, the bags. Handbags are J&M Davidson’s heritage, and they know how to do bags that will make a girl swoon. And swoon I will. While a couple of chic boho moments made their way in, the modernist has its day with indirect nods to the Moroccan beat. Saddle bags, or as they like to call them, half moons will make the Coachella fans happy, while a square satchel and clutch series with cut-through handles is total modernist heaven. And the large round satchel hatbag with cutouts in circle patterns is pretty much every style bloggers dream. Personal favorites are the cut-through handle satchels, but their bag game is fierce and I love them all.



  1. Wow, those bags are gorgeous! I love how unique the designs are, so chic and perfectly structured! Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week so far!



    • luxelookbook Reply

      Yes!! Glad you find them gorgeous as well. Thanks for stopping by, Jalisa!

    • luxelookbook Reply

      It really is – that’s one of my dream destinations! Hopefully someday I can get out there.

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      Yaasss! I love finding new bag love. Although my wallet doesn’t. 😂 Thanks for stopping by Uzo!

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      They do, don’t they! I’m in love. Thanks, Babita!

  2. The Moroccan influence is so clear and channeled in the most stylish way imaginable; I adore the neutral accessories and gingham puffed sleeves (2nd to last image) especially! x

    • luxelookbook Reply

      The puff sleeve is pretty fantastic. Thanks Gabrielle! 😉

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      Glad you like them as well! My week was crazy hectic, but glad things have calmed down a bit. You?

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      Awesome, thanks for stopping by Tina! 💙💙💙

    • luxelookbook Reply

      They seriously are!! Thanks for dropping by, Lorna! 😘 😘

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