Graham’s Inspiration: 1969

After Elon Musk sent his Starman driving a Tesla Roadster into the cosmic abyss, it’s clear we weren’t quite done with the interstellar craze of the public masses. And thank goodness – we need more Neil deGrasse Tysons and Bill Nyes making an influence out there. If making science part of pop culture is what it takes to keep knowledge and “science based facts” a part of the foreground, let’s print those t-shirts, eh?

Men’s fashion designer Nick Graham once again found inspiration for his latest collection, titled “1969” from the first moon landing by the Apollo 11 crew, as well as Woodstock – two transformative moments in our culture that both took place in that year. A silver 1959 rocket-shaped Cadillac Cyclone concept car sat on the runway – a perfect bridge between the galactic and the vintage. And that car is a priceless beauty.

Future Martians Have Moves

The show opened with the ICONic Dance Crew of boys wearing “Future Martian” t-shirts, giving us a few hip hop maneuvers, setting an energetic mood; It was all smiles from the crowd. Little note of trivia: This was the same dance troupe that was featured on America’s Best Dance Crew” (same school house, probably different kids obv) in 2011.

Mercurial Bombers

From there we saw two reversible bomber jackets (with the Cyclone on the back – whaaaa?!). These are fantastic. Want to buy this for my hubs right now.

The Masked Hero

And a surprise cameo by The Suited Racer modeling a look with full mask. To be honest, I thought the mask and helmet was part of the costuming for the show. It was only after my husband chatted with him that we discovered that no, this was who he is. He goes to every event like this, and has a major social media following. And he made the outfit look goooood.

Suit Up and Down

Graham broadened his range just a bit this time. He had his bread and butter – the perfectly fitted suit – a couple in high sheens, others in large pattern checks and thin stripes. Fits were cropped and slim while pants were tapered, showing sockless classic low tops. We also got the vintage vibe not only with the cropped jacket fit, but also the classic logo mania, with the old school NASA emblem on the silver bomber jacket as well as the ‘LOVE’ and peace sign patches on the blazers.

Let the Sweat Drop

In addition to the perfectly tailored slim suiting, there were also several fresh sporty looks for the brand via sweat pants and hoodies. On paper, I probably wouldn’t like the combination of sweat pants and blazers. But this is strangely working for me. I think it’s the hoodie combination. Without the hoodie, I’m not sure it would work as well.

Just Look at This

But the best look? The striped onesie, worn open at the chest by a muscle-bound model who surely tanned at least 3-4 times to look like a golden god for the runway. You’re welcome.

Model wearing Nick Graham New York Men's Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2019 collection striped onesie

The Take

Graham’s sartorial offerings continue to be chic, yet cheeky and energetic.



  1. Looks like a fun show. I liked the model just above the onesie guy in the white Nick Graham hoodie.

    • luxelookbook Reply

      He was great too – loved the socks he was wearing!!

  2. Love how you captured everything! Collection does look very cool indeed, I like all the fun/futuristic aspects of it! xx

    The Party Parrot Blog

    • luxelookbook Reply

      Thanks love! That’s what I really enjoy every time I see a Nick Graham collection – his perspective is stylish, but cheeky and a bit quirky and not too serious. And always a fun show! Thanks for the comment!

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