This Year’s Summer Shoe Favorites

If there’s one guarantee in the fashion industry, it’s that the designers will make sure to come out with some major shoe moments to try to steal the limelight. And this season – thank goodness – the shoe craft was actually impressive. Sometimes a few of these guys have a tendency to get a bit crazy, but we’ve got some seriously gorgeous pieces to grace our tootsies.

And it’s not just major designers, but more accessible retailers as well, so a lot of these options look just as great but won’t break the bank.

The Tassel Slide

The fun energy of the fringe tassel will always bring your outfit to life, and turn some heads. From vibrant colors, layers, and over-the-top shapes to the understated, this year it’s pretty much all in. Thankfully, flat slides are also completely a go, so you can be comfy too!

Summer Shoes Must-Haves: Tassel Slides in pink

The Cork Platform

Stylish and eco-conscious?! I think the last time I had cork sandals, I loved them so much I literally wore them until my friends *forced* me to throw them away. Cork is super comfy, and with these looks made by designers high and low alike, they are absolutely style elevated.

Summer Shoes Must-Haves: Chloe Cork Wedges

Tricked Out Low Tops

For the sneaker style, it’s time to get busy and show your artistic side. Bring in the tricked out low tops, with painted, graphic, embroidered, appliqued, sequined, and pretty much all-out embellished kicks. It’s all about not taking things too seriously and expressing yourself.

Summer Shoes Must-Haves: Tricked out low tops

Toe Strap Sandals

I love, love, LOVE the toe strap sandal, because it allows for so many chic variations. The minimalist look like Giuseppe Zanotti’s crystal toe as well as Michael Kors and Isabel Marant are personal favorites, but you can also head to the other end of the spectrum for busy strappy sandals and get a great look that way as well!

Summer Shoes Must-Haves: Toe Strap Sandals

The V Mule (or as I’ve dubbed it, the Hoof Mule!)

The hoof pumps have already made their debut, and can I just comment on their striking resemblance to Smurfette’s famous heels? I honestly think that’s where the inspiration originated.

Vintage Smurfette

And now, the latest sandals are a spin-off of the hoof pump, with the hoof mule…and I really like them. So much better! There are some full hoof mules in this list, and there are some great v-mules in here as well.

Summer Shoe Must-Haves: V-Mule Hoof Sandals

On Fi-yah (Prada Flame Sandal)

This is such a fabulous piece of art. You have to be a certain kind of awesome and confident to rock this shoe, and if you have it, girl go get it. I will be applauding you all the way! As always the Franco Sarto, more subtle version of a flame is an incredibly gorgeous way to get a fiery response from the crowd.

Summer Shoe Must-Haves: Prada Flame Wedge Sandals

Found Object Heels

This is absolutely my favorite shoe trend this year. Art + shoes = two of my favorite things! The concept is genius, and basically, the designers have taken random objects and designed them into the heels of the shoes. I can’t tell you how much I want each and every pair of these shoes. S.O.S. Send help. My bank account is at risk, and my husband may find out when he finds them all in my closet! Is it acceptable to drink out of your shoe if it’s a red solo cup? Just kidding, that’s gross. Don’t do it.

Found Object Art Sandals



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      Thanks Ankita! I know – the tassel slides are so much fun! And if you get the right mule, it really looks fab on your feet. Have a great weekend, love!

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