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Tying the Knot: Glamorous Brides Edition

There are very few moments in a girl’s life when she gets to be all decked out in the finest things out there, and one such moment is the glorious occasion many dream of – the majestic wedding day. Yes, many brides and grooms have recently started following more low-key trends such as bohemian weddings and casual rooftop wedding parties, but we believe that it’s time we brought some old school glamour back into this day. After all, we all hope that we’ll be doing this only once in our lifetime and get our happy ending (or beginning, depends on how you wish to see it), so instead of going casual, we say go all out and go big – almost old Hollywood glamour style. If you’re the kind of bride who either secretly (or not so secretly) has a taste for finer things and over-the-top glam, it’s time to unleash your glam goddess and get everything you want, because baby, this is your day and you can have everything you want!


The wow factor

Glamorous Brides wearing pink tulle gown, lace, and jeweled white wedding dress

In the sea of ‘modern bride’ attire that now consists of lace jumpsuits, casual crochet boho dresses and even white pantsuits, it’s easy to get carried away by new trends and forget that old-school extravagant ball gowns exist for a reason. They’re there to make you feel like the most beautiful and important person on the planet, if just for one day. There is something esoteric and mysterious about the feeling that comes with putting on a gorgeously embellished and embroidered larger-than-life gown that’s not only designed to make you look like the most stunning woman alive, but it’s made of the finest possible fabrics that will give you those lush life feels.

Therefore, don’t hold back – if you’ve always dreamed of wearing an iconic Vera Wang ethereal pastel dress, an Oscar de la Renta gown, or a ridiculously extravagant Eden Haute Couture wedding dress, you go for it!. Of course, there are other designers that should not be forgotten, one of them being the incredible Anna Campbell, an Australian designer whose gowns have been insanely coveted in the US but were unfortunately unavailable as there was no option of shipping without being sized in person. However, now every bride can be adorned in her designs as they’ve allowed international bridal shops to carry their gowns, so you don’t have to pine for the perfect dress or fly all the way to Australia. Aside from the mesmerizing gowns, the price tag is something a glamorous bride on a budget will love as the prices range from $2500 – $7000.


The next most important thing

Jeweled sandals and white wedding beaded pumps

When you want to go big, you go big all the way, but all in good measure and taste of course. When wearing an iconic dress that will be the talk of the town for years to come, you need to have the footwear to match. Luckily, there are tons of gorgeous and breathtaking wedding shoes online, so if the stores in your vicinity aren’t able to meet your ultra-glam needs, there is always the joy of online shopping where you can endlessly scroll until you find your perfect pair. Depending on how embellished your gown is, you can go with something classically glam like satin pumps with subtle crystal embellishments, or with a grandiose pair of peep-toe heels that are completely covered in large blinding crystals.


A matter of preference

Wedding day hair style and bridal hair accessories

When it comes to the hairstyle you’ll be rocking on the big day, it’s definitely a matter of preference and what suits your face shape best. Soft old Hollywood waves like the ones Blake Lively often shows on red carpets are foolproof – nothing beats those; but, if you’re not a ‘wave’ girl, there are tons of other incredibly interesting and superbly elegant updos. Now, one little detail is mandatory for a glamazon bride – a hair accessory. They have become insanely popular, so if you’re not really keen on the idea of going all royal with an honest to goodness tiara, conspicuous yet tasteful combs and clips, pins, and even tiara-adjacent hair accessories (like Kaley Cuoco) in white, yellow and rose gold are yours for the picking. Whichever hairstyle you opt for, this little detail will completely up the ante.


The jewels

Bride in pink lace dress with wedding jewelry

This is an area to proceed with caution as you want to look stunning, but not like a blinding Christmas tree. For instance, if the bodice of your gown is gem-encrusted, perhaps only a subtle necklace or no neck jewelry is the best route to take. Wear a statement bracelet if you’re going for a sleeveless dress – a little arm candy never hurt no one, but earrings are a definite must. For a perfect amalgamation of subtlety and glam, go for drop earrings. They can be white teardrop crystal ones or small but diamond ones – both make for an impeccable choice that add to the wow factor.


The final touch

Bride wearing wedding dress and flower crown standing on sandy beach

Every truly elegant bride with impeccable taste knows better than to go overboard with makeup. We are already getting tired of the perfect brows, contour and blinding highlight with the inevitable ‘eyeliner on fleek’. For true glam, go for the colors and a makeup technique and the look that simply makes you the freshest, most radiant version of yourself, and don’t try to transform your face and hide under an armor of makeup. Let your natural beauty shine through, and emphasize one facial feature that you love most. If it’s eyeliner, so be it, but keep it classy and simple. A gloss in your most flattering hue, a touch of blush to add freshness to the cheeks and just a smidge of highlight. When it comes to bridal makeup, less truly is more.




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