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Summer is the perfect season to spend as much quality family time as humanly possible. The kids are free from school obligations and summer holiday rules all, so it’s time to get crafty and innovative. Take yourself and your kids out for some fresh air and create memories that will last a lifetime. Even though it’s paramount for parents to spend quality time with their children during any season, summer weather provides a much larger amount of outdoorsy opportunities, so you need to seize every day, and just in case you’re short of ideas, we’re here with a few amazing ones that will inevitably spark your creative juices and help you think of many more as you go.

A special reward

If the kids have been extra good this year, don’t wait until New Year’s and Christmas to shower them with presents as a reward. Besides, material goods always pale in comparison to great experience and memories, so treat your kids to something you know they’re dreaming of, like a trip to Disneyland. It may seem like they’re the only ones who’ll enjoy it, deep down you know your inner child will love the experience as well, so don’t pretend you’re doing this just for them. Get excited, awaken the kid in you, and when your kids see how much fun you’re having, their level of excitement will increase as well. In the world of regular parents, sometimes you need to turn into a fun-loving Phil Dunphy kind of parent.

A different kind of playdate

Kids love having playdates with their peers, but instead of just sitting around with other parents chatting and occasionally checking up on your kids, why don’t you turn it into a day that will engage both kids and parents? If you plan well, you can organize team games like three-legged races and tug-of-war, and to spice things up and make them even more enjoyable, finish the day off strong with your signature barbecue style. After all the running around, everyone will probably be famished, and a BBQ will be the perfect bonding ending to a perfect bonding day.

The great outdoors

If you can take at least a weekend away from work, one of the best things you can do for yourself and for the kids, is to pack up, get in the car, and set sail to a perfect camping spot. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far away, just somewhere where there are plenty of trees with safe and easy hiking trails. Some fresh air and getting in touch with nature will benefit you as parents both mentally and physically, and it will hopefully beat the Digital Age just a little bit. In the world of online games and funny clips, your kids need to see Mother Nature and learn some real-life skills. Not only will this make them stronger and more capable and independent, but healthier as well. And of course, nothing bonds a family like making s’mores and telling stories by the campfire.

Don’t be afraid of getting wet

Instead of just heading to the pool in order to cool off, or the beach if you’re lucky to live near the ocean, make things even more fun by engaging in a water fight with the kids. The parents can be the team leaders so there is a fair advantage, and you can choose among such water-based activities as balloon wars, water guns, and you can even make safe and fun sponge bombs. Kids love anything that has to do with water and getting wet, and admit it – you’ll have fun too. To top it off, this kind of outdoorsy activity involves little to no investment, and the amount of fun is priceless. And of course, you don’t have to worry about the kids getting sick or catching a cold, since the fun is happening in your backyard, so you have the luxury to go in the house and change into dry clothes at any given moment.

Perhaps an absolute favorite

Kids love intrigue, adventure, playing detectives, and figuring out clues. Do you see where we’re going with this? Organize a scavenger hunt! You can do it in a local park or your own backyard and come up with a list of things the family can search for. When the day of the hunt arrives, hand out the lists – if your kids are small you can also form teams, and let the hunting begin! And just in case you’re short of ideas, we’ve found a great list of things you can go hunting for, so take your pick. Just make sure you set the exact meeting time and place, and also make sure you think of a great reward for the winning team, and since kids don’t like to be left out, make sure you come up with a prize for the ‘losing’ team as well, as you don’t want to end the day on a sad and overly competitive note.

See, there are plenty of things you can do to bond with your kids, and many of them don’t even break the bank. Now, after you’ve done all these things, what will you come up with on your own?

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