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The tomboy look was my personal favorite during my teen years, primarily because it’s so easy! I could never understand why on earth other girls would want to make themselves so uncomfortable by covering their faces in makeup, squeezing their feet into painful shoes, or spending copious amounts of time getting ready for something. I prided myself in my lack of caring, and just couldn’t wrap my brain around how people had time for that stuff – that is, until I went to college, needed to meet new friends, and actually wanted to become noticeable.

Tomboy chic fashion and beauty - girl in a tree

Even the best of us no-makeup, always-comfy gals go through it at some point. We walk around for the better part of our lives toting our own signature non-look, never really acknowledging the discomfort or the expense that the beauty industry causes the majority of women, only to at some point feel left behind the times (especially when it seems every twelve year old out there nowadays knows how to contour!). And I’ll advocate again here – I got to college, still uncaring about my looks and ready to learn, only to spend hours of my first semester on YouTube trying to learn what other girls had spent years perfecting.

But the good news is that we’re in the twenty-first century, and it is very much encouraged and impressive to work out a look that is unique to you. That’s why we’re going over some ways below that you can maintain your favorite non-style while still kicking up the heat a few notches (and maintaining a fairly low budget as well). Read on for some ideas on how to develop your very own “tomboy chic” style.

Accessorize your normal wardrobe

Tomboy Chic Beauty and Fashion - Accessories and Jewelry

This one depends on what your typical outfit consists of, but the good part is that you do it however you’d like. Jewelry is truly the most versatile aspect of the beauty world, some you can wear it pretty much wherever and use different pieces to tie any outfit together.

If you usually don combat-style boots that have metal eyelets, go shopping for a bracelet or two that match the color of those metal pieces. I remember wearing converse-star dangly earrings in high school, along with my go-to dirty, beat up chucks. Get creative with any favorite brand or color you might have – it’s all shiny stuff, so you can’t go wrong!

Style your hair (yes, even if you prefer it off your face)

Tomboy Chic Fashion and Beauty - Hair style

You might need some practice for this one – no worries, so did I. It took me a long time to learn that even having a brushed out pony tail looks a lot better than wearing a bun that might possibly have rolled out of bed with me. If you’re going to focus on this tip, spend some time figuring out what kind of hair you have, and what its styling dos and don’ts are.

You can spend less than twenty bucks on a decent curler or straightening iron and practice at home before you wear it out. Just picture yourself cruising along about your normal day, but with a wave of curls flowing behind you to toss over your shoulder. Whatever you learn to do with your hair, it doesn’t have to be big – it just has to make you feel happy and confident.

Enhance your favorite facial feature

Makeup is required for this one here – I know, it sucks a little bit. But I’m not asking you to learn to blend or contour or any of that crazy stuff. I’m just asking you to choose what your favorite facial feature is and work with that. I personally like my lips and my eyes, but maybe you prefer your brows, cheekbones, or good complexion.

Whatever thing makes you smile when you look in the mirror, be aware of it, and then learn how to enhance it just a little bit. I rarely ever wear makeup, but will don a few strokes of mascara when I need to look particularly presentable. Go out and find yourself a brow pencil, a neutral lipstick, or a glowing face cream, and work it into your normal routine. If you’re not usually “made up,” I guarantee you’ll start to get compliments on day one.

Choose accentuating colors and cuts

Tomboy Chic Beauty and Fashion - wardrobe

If you’re used to baggy and not-necessarily-matching outfits, and none of these other tips sound interesting, then you’re an ambitious one, because this idea may require renovating a solid chunk of your wardrobe. But if you’re up for it, then by all means! We all have a color or body feature that, when worn or accentuated, makes us feel at our best. I personally prefer the darker burgundy shade that is currently trend, but I know that I also look best in blue, so for special occasions I try to step outside my comfort zone and wear a bolder navy.

I also can’t stand having a completely uncinched waistline when I need to look nice. I have broader shoulders and like to have the width of my hips stand out to compensate for them, so this is why. You probably have an idea of what either your favorite or least-favorite feature is, so start playing with it. You don’t have to go full-on put together in zero to sixty, but if you’re looking to balance out your femininity, it’s a great place to start.

Keep your nails groomed

Tomboy Chic Fashion and Beauty - Keeping Nails Groomed and Pretty

This bonus tip might seem like common sense, but it can go understated – just keep your nails clean. They don’t have to be manicured and polished all the time, but growing them out a bit and keeping them shaped goes a long way. This goes for your toes as well, particularly if you usually go out sandalled or barefoot over the summer. If you like caring for your nails but have trouble with them breaking, try a clear, strengthening base coat a few times a week for an extra shine as well.

Jennifer is the beauty and brains behind Beautifully Alive! She loves eating healthy and trying new recipes.The self-proclaimed Zumba Queen has a passion for beauty products and loves reading new books. She’s always down for a DIY project!



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