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The thing that makes Rosie Assoulin so special as a designer is the fact that she marries her art and playfulness together so well. Innovative craftwork makes itself known in every collection, as she executes her creativity in artistic ways and takes risks many designers wouldn’t dare take. Assoulin is just as much painter, crafter, sculptor, creator as she is fashion designer… and that’s what brings such a dedicated following of die hard fans. The artsy types, the collectors, the unique piece hunters, the quirky, the lovers of off-beat….we all want a piece from her.

In a time when the socio-political clime is rife with turmoil, Assoulin gave us a bit of escapism via a nostalgic return to Candy Land. Remember that game? Even better, it was staged in front of a kid-sized boxing ring, because you know you want to put on those oversized sumo suits with knee pads and have at it. 

The looks included monotone richly-pigmented color wheel hues on looks that toy with volume – a favorite past time of Rosie’s. The girl can make a mean pair of pants. A cerulean cropped pant is covered by a button down full skirt with a basket weave belt bag in the same material. In the words of Whitesnake, ‘is this love that I’m feeling?’

A striped leggy duo gave a nod to the candy dot strips by way of a dress with a drop waist belted in beads as well as shoulder “armor”, and a midi skirt that showed off the motif more directly. A mesh tunic is covered in the multi-color beads, but don’t wear one of these while drinking heavily or around small children. It will only lead to bad things. 

Strips of fabric have been watercolored in varying tones and stitched together at different lengths, with watercolored ribbons as the straps. Yes this is crafty, and yes I want this right now. Sometimes handcrafted and creative is greater than iteratively designed season after season and mass produced. Admit it. 

Model wearing Rosie Assoulin Spring 2019 collection outfit

Watercolor striping is seen in several looks in this collection, including a crop top duster coat pair and a pleated apron dress, which both have a light, fresh vibe. The motif also gives its stamp on the final look in horizontal stripes on a strapless navy gown on the bodice and hemline. The effect is gorgeous, though surprisingly subdued for Assoulin.

Cropped flounce capelets were met with oval obi belts that immediately evoked images of -no kidding- Super Mario 2 Birdo. (Can you tell yet that I’m a ‘Xennial’?)

She spends just as much care on her accessories as she does on her garments. The bags this season are sculptural numbers shaped after lanterns and vases, coated in richly pigmented waxy polymer. How does she think of these things? Shoes are varied with t-straps, chunky clear acrylic heels, v-toes, and triple pattern ballet flats that tie. Yes, yes, and yes. 

Rosie Assoulin‘s fare definitely isn’t for everyone, but for those who dare to step outside of the box, her attention to detail and level of creativity offer the best of both worlds. And this collection certainly made me smile quite a bit. The closer you get, the more tidbits of oohs and aahs you find.




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      Seriously! Glad you love the bold hues as much as I do! Thanks for dropping in, Tina! As always, I love your latest outfit post. Absolutely gorgeous! 💙

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  1. Her line is so youthful and fun! I love how she’s using bold, vibrant colours to create playful designs. Loved this, thanks for sharing! xx


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      Right?! Rosie seriously is kind of amazing.

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      It’s ok – it was big in the 80’s/90’s. I don’t even know if little kids play it now. But the color scheme immediately brought back those visuals for me!

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