“It has pockets!” The proclamation heard by every girl whose dress is being complimented by another. Typically these frocks have been frothy little numbers, or twirl-worthy moments of cuteness. 

But we’re not really there anymore, are we? Not entirely. I mean, there’s plenty of space for the ultra-feminine, the vintage silhouettes, the delicate and dainty. But for a while now, there’s also been this strong pendulum swing toward not just athletic wear, but also all things comfort and functionality. 

The “pain is beauty” mantra of the 80’s and 90’s? Yeah, that’s dead. 

Sylvia Venturini Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld have espoused this new perspective, with a utilitarian collection for Fendi chock full of pockets. There were even a couple of athleisure pieces thrown in there. Yes, I’m talking about Fendi. Ladies and gentlemen, this is officially happening. Fendi is joining the herd moving to laid back luxe, leaving only a handful of hold outs. 

The collection included some ingenius clear vinyl coating and jackets trimmed in brown leather with – of course – giant pockets, allowing that fabulous outfit to shine through. 

Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show clear vinyl jacket looks

Layered sculptural corsets sit just a little high and and not gathered too tight, with a stem shape rather than an hourglass. The bust cups and peplum sitting at the hips flare out like petals, and that’s what highlights the curves. So rather than cinching the woman into the garment to give her that curvaceous shape, Lagerfeld and Fendi have fit the garment comfortably around the woman, creating the flattering shape around her. 

Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show cinched waist corset looks

Crop tops are paired with breezy pleat skirts and cargo pants in a palette of neutrals, cobalt, and poppy, as well as a bohemian cutout maxi. That last crop under the boho maxi is hands down the best one. 

Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show crop top looks

If there isn’t a little fur action, it isn’t Fendi. Though this time it only had a few cameos in cropped jackets and coating. And of course, the pockets. Fendi‘s strong suit shows in full force with trenches, parkas….even utilities look luxe. 

Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show fur jackets and coats
Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show jackets and coats

The show closed with sheer embroidered looks that highlighted the craftwork the brand prides itself on. If there is one thing I can say about Fendi, it is that they have impeccable handiwork in everything they put out. 

Fendi Spring 2019 RTW runway fashion show sheer embroidered dresses



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      Me too! Fendi has definitely been surprising me a bit lately. Thanks love!

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      The streetstyle has definitely been fantastic!

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