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To say that Jonathan Simkhai had a change of perspective would be an understatement. 

Perhaps it’s fatherhood that has suddenly softened him, but his view of femininity certainly seems more romantic in his latest collection. Things have definitely changed in the designer’s life. He moved his company to L.A., got married, and became a father to twins by surrogate. And all the newfound contentment and serenity in his life can be seen through the lens of his latest creations. 

The looks were goddess meets prairie girl – a bit of an evolution of the last season’s trend. The show opened with a light-as-air slip maxi dress with delicate lace inserts. Goooorgeous. 

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW slip maxi gown

From that ethereal note came an amalgam of modernist, romantic, and the Great Plains. Lace cargo pants are now a thing…although I have to say he nailed the pair of cream wide leg cargos that billowed down the runway under a long safari style duster jacket. 

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW cargo outfits

But oh face, Simkhai’s lace work with the dresses! The man is a lace artist. The macramé, the English embroidery, the crochet…it all whispers speaks softly of romance. There were high-necked Victorian-like moments with tiered ruffle hems, and more dramatic off-the-shoulder numbers with leggy flamenco styled skirting. Gimme gimme gimme. 

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW lace dresses
Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW lace dresses
Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW lace dresses

There were some fresh pieces in here too, like the high-waisted wide leg pants (more outdoorsy cargos) with feminine crop tops and corsetry. Add in a dash of gingham and voila: Simkhai just seriously elevated the wardrobe of A Prairie Home Companion tenfold. 

Jonathan Simkhai Spring 2019 RTW cargo pant and crop top outfits




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