If Miuccia Prada did anything this season, it was to walk the line. And several lines she walked between minimalist and print; sporty and feminine; proper and rebellious. 

There were cycling shorts and high-neck satin shirts, tunic tops, and vavavoom plunging printed bodysuits with bands just above or below the bust to keep the ladies in place. I feel like there was an opportunity lost here with these bands. They appear to be static one-size bands buttoned at the same place. But at least for the over-bust bands, having an adjustable strap would not only accommodate women of different sizes, but it would also allow you to accentuate those assets a little better. 



Square neck babydoll dresses read just a little mod-meets-grunge with knee-high stockings and low tops. I’m getting a little Winona Ryder here. 

And ohhh, the vintage prints. Prada definitely went for the psychedelic 60’s in tie-dyes, country- and city-scapes, and bold graphic prints. All with this juxtaposition between demure in the skirting and sexy in the plunge tops.

Coating made a presence too, with squared-off suit style jackets and feminine pea coats. 

This was definitely pared back for Prada. The winds have shifted, and she’s adjusting her sails. Riding the trends is good for business, and at this point, it looks like even the last designers standing have relented, recognizing that the younger generations have taken their place amongst the buying crowds, and they want what they want. Did this collection serve it up to satisfaction? Only the sales will tell.



  1. Love your review of the collection! I definitely think the silhouettes are generally quite wearable (well I’m not too sure about the underboob strap haha) and it will be interesting to see how sales shape up!

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    • luxelookbook Reply

      I know! Haha, the underboob strap is definitely going to be a very unique girl that wants to pull that off! Thanks Sharan!

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