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The world has officially turned into an all-encompassing fashion inspiration. The fashionistas from the most popular capitals of the world certainly have a knack for rocking the latest trends like they themselves just stepped off the runway and onto the streets, but even the ladies from those capitals who have thus far been considered less trendy and more fashion underdogs are bringing their A-game. Now, the very best part about fashion is that everyone has the liberty to interpret it in a way that suits their mentality and personal or even ‘national’ sense of style, and the results are incredible, inspired and utterly innovative. Trust us, once you see what we have in store for you, you’ll never again be starved for style inspo in your life, because whatever your personal preferences are, you are bound to find your muses in one of the countless women killing it in the street style game.

A little bit of everything

Street Style Inspo - A Little Bit of Everything with statement sleeves and pops of color

They say that simplicity is always best, but sometimes girls just want to have fun with clothes, and if we have to choose one aspect of life that is to be complicated, it might as well be this one. The famously minimalistic ladies of Scandinavian capitals have certainly recognized this and are embracing new trends with open arms and making them their own. Let’s begin with puff sleeves that all of a sudden seem to be everywhere, and their rein is completely justified. Puff-sleeved dresses are the epitome of femininity, but even if you opt for a blouse, it will bring that je ne sais quoi to every possible outfit – case in point, Norwegian beauty Maren Schia who was spotted during Stockholm fashion week rocking a black and white check puff-sleeve top with classic red plaid pants, a trendy beaded bag and even trendier dad sneakers. This amalgamation of no less than four different trends has resulted in a killer and traffic-stopping outfit, so you might want to consider bringing a bit more boldness into your daily outfits and not be afraid of statement dressing.

The one to rule them all

Street Style Inspo - The one trend to rule them all with athleisure - pictured: Kim Kardashian

Athleisure has transcended from a fashion trend into a lifestyle and now it seems it’s completely gone rogue, living a life of its own and making its own rules. One of the newest renditions that was spotted on the streets was one featuring a chic fitted blazer and a simple handbag paired with bicycle shorts and elegant sandals. It may seem crazy in theory, but it most certainly works in practice, and if there are days when you want to take an even more casual route, athleisure is here to accommodate and serve, and you can even rock cool metal hoodies with your bicycle shorts, add a cute backpack into the mix and show that you have your own version of athleisure up your sleeve. You can even rock the look with black ankle boots with a block heel if you want to take things up a notch even further.

Sometimes it’s staring you in the face

Street Style Inspo - Iconic looks and logos of fashion like the Gucci emblem handbag

There are absolutely times when the most obvious fashion solution is the best one. Such is the case with the mighty jumpsuit, perhaps an easier garment to pull out of your closet than a dress. Mustard yellow isn’t only one of the trendiest but most luxurious-looking hues, and a pair of white boots has so far proven invaluable when it comes to elevating any outfit. However, if you truly want to seal the deal and cement your status as a fashion icon, at least in your circles, you simply must invest in a returning trend – the designer bag with a conspicuous logo. Yes, the logo has made a grand comeback and every true fashionista knows just what a great designer bag brings to the table.

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Street Style Inspo - Wearing Pink

Millennial pink has been the talk of the town for years now, but now it seems irrelevant what shade of pink you choose to love and wear; as long as it’s some form of pink, the fashion world is happy. You can go with a sleek power suit that will serve you well in the office and for after-work drinks, as it has this mysterious quality of adapting to the environment and making you look either professional or sexy, depending on the situation. However, if your tastes are frillier and you prefer to keep business and pleasure separated, there is always a show-stopping pink wrap dress waiting for you in some store. Not only does it look flattering on every body type, but gives you an incredible waistline as well. Just make sure to make it pop even more with another ‘popping’ hue, such as royal or even pastel blue in the form of footwear or bag, just like this Copenhagen stunner did.

The new minimalism

Street Style Inspo - New Minimalism of Monochrome Fashion Outfits

When you’re a minimalist at heart, it may be difficult for you to adapt in this color and pattern-filled world. There is no need to worry, minimalism is still alive and well, albeit, the other shoe has dropped and something did have to give. Namely, most minimalistic looks now revolve around either deconstructed or oversized pieces, but that’s just the way things are and if you want to survive, you’ll have to go along with the game. You have to admit though, this new take on minimalism is kind of intriguing, with the oversized slouchy skirts and sweaters with sleeves that could fit an arm and a half. It’s the new nonchalance, and it actually looks pretty cool, especially in the form of oversized minimalistic suits. You can’t fight city hall, so you might as well ride this new wave.

There are so many new trends that literally an entire book could be written on them. We opted to show you only those we deemed finest and worthy of your attention, so now go, shop, mix, match, emulate the looks and come up with your own original ones. The world of fashion is your oyster.

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