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The Inspo

Taking the deconstructed statue of Lady Liberty in copper by sculptural artist Danh Vo as his muse, Gilles Mendel went to work on his latest collection of metallic-based pieces. 

Model wearing gold metallic pleat gown by J. Mendel for Pre-Fall 2019 collection
J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2019

Liquid Gold

While you might expect sculptural dresses, Mendel’s pieces were more fluid, often mimicking the pleating in the underskirt of Lady Liberty. This liquidity created graceful movement that when combined with the metallic finishes, caught the light for dramatic effect. But it wasn’t demure grace he was after. Mendel also looked to Grace jones for an 80’s inspired disco vibe, giving us some strong shoulder action and major shimmer. 


Taking cues from other designers like Gucci and Saint Laurent, Gilles Mendel went for a more laid back approach with a few pieces, adding in fur bombers, coats with the logo-fication of “J” and “M”, and a fur hoodie. Relatively laid back considering it’s J. Mendel. 

Life in the 80’s

But of course, the graceful and glam Mendel we all know and love came out in full beauty with this collection. There was an ebb and flow of 80’s vintage via tapered pants, cocktail dresses in sparkling or sumptuous velvet finishes, the off-the-shoulder moments…even a couple of airy calf-length moments that really scream Steel Magnolias, honey child. 

Keeping it Mendel

 And with all the playful nuances it is the toying in texture that always brings the followers back for more to this house. Gilles ended the collection with a signature J. Mendel moment: A nude boat neck strapless gown with a pleat-tiered ball skirt – this rendition evolved with dark beading that trickled down the bodice toward a black tulle overlay skirt. Beautiful as always. Sometimes it’s good to keep the familiar too. 

Model wearing gold metallic pleat gown by J. Mendel for Pre-Fall 2019 collection
J. Mendel Pre-Fall 2019



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